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Dewinterizing and Sanitizing your RV’s water tanks

Warm weather is here and it’s time to dewinterize.

After draining out the RV antifreeze from my fresh water tanks, I always sanitize it. I use a little bit of bleach. You could use chlorine or similar products sold by RV dealers. I also get a new water filter each year, and a new hose made especially for RV drinking water.

I did a video on how I do it. Here it is.

Also, if I feel very ambitious and I want to get rid of any bleach or chlorine odor and taste, I put in about three ounces of white vinegar, let it sit, and then drain that fresh water tank once more.

There are lots of ways to sanitize. This works for me. Your way may be different. It’s all good.

Usually  🙂


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