Kentucky Horse Park – Great RV destination

 Kentucky Horse Park – Great RV destination

Just north of Lexington, right off I-75, is a world class attraction and superb campground that needs to be a must visit on your next RV trip through the area.

The Kentucky Horse Park, with 1,200 Bluegrass acres bordered by crisp and clean white fencing, is recognized around the world as the epicenter of equestrian life, sports and business. If it has to do with horses – raising them, racing them, jumping them, tending them, trotting, walking and showing them off – this is the best and most accessible place to see them. Just about every horse association in the world is headquartered here and competition, exhibitions and educational events are held year round.

We’ve visited the park’s adjacent campground a half dozen times. It’s open year round and we’ve found it a great place to overnight on the way south from our Michigan home, or back north again after trips to Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. Usually, we arrive late and leave early.

Over 100 horses live at the park

But this week, as we were returning from a late summer trip south, we were able to experience the horse park itself and see some of the many magnificent animals that live there or compete there.

If you camp there, you get free admission to the park itself. Discounted tickets to the barns can also be bought in the campground store.

Owned and run by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the park is home to some 115 horses representing more than three dozen different breeds during the summer season. Most of these horses are housed in barns throughout the main “tourist attraction” area of the park including the Hall of Champions, Horses of the World Barn, Kids Barn, Mounted Police Barn and Big Barn – home to draft and carriage horses, as well as a riding concession.

Beautiful Kentucky Bluegrass and whte picket fences make for spectacular grounds

But on many weekends during the warm weather months, dozens of additional horses ship in to the park to compete in horse shows. The weekend we visited. the park hosted a Dressage competition as part of the prestigious National Dressage Pony Cup (NDPC), which has an offering of $10,000 in total prize money.

Campsites have water and electricity and 50 foot paved pads

The grounds are beautiful and offer lots of opportunities to see horses at pasture, in corrals and being taken to and from various events by their handlers. There’s also a Visitor Information Center (with gift shop and movie theater), the International Museum of the Horse, the American Saddlebred Museum & Gift Shop, the Bit & Bridle Restaurant, and the Farmhouse Cafe are all indoor facilities with air-conditioning, sitting areas and restrooms.

Stay at the campground and you get free parking and admission to the adjacent hrse park

Allow a full day to experience the horse exhibits and grounds.

The park does not have a boarding facility for pets. But it’s still pretty pet friendly. Pets are allowed to accompany their owners on the park grounds as long as they are on a leash. Pets are only allowed in the museum lobby and not in the museum exhibits, so visitors will need to take turns staying with their pets outside of these areas. Pets are not allowed to be left unattended in vehicles, roam without a leash, or tied-out on the grounds.

The grounds are lushly landscaped with lots of horse statues

The adjacent campground boasts 50 foot paved back-in spots, 30 and 50 amp electric service,  a picnic table, firepit and water hookups. A dump station is on the way out. There is a swimming pool – it closed right after Labor Day – as well as tennis and basketball courts and several playgrounds. The rest rooms and showers are neat, clean and spacious.

There are competitions and exhibitions most every weekend like this Dressage event on the weekend wev isited

If you camp there, try to get one of the spots on the outer loops that back up to the grounds of the horse park. There, you can often see horses right from your campsite.

We’ve stayed there in the winter, though the water is turned off during the coldest months.

Lots of horses are brought out to the park each weekend

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  • Mike, when you say pets cannot be left in vehicles, do you mean they can’t be left in your camper either? When our dogs aren’t allowed to go somewhere, we put them in their kennels with bark collars on. They sleep until we come “home” but we also give them a toy and a chewbone. Thanks!

  • Mike, this sounds like a place we need to visit. We are currently planning our Fall Snowbird Trail South. This year we’ll trek through a bit of Ontario, Canada re-entering in the UP and South on (or near) I-75 to the Gulf. It’s our first time down I-75 and we are always looking for new things to “discover” along our routes.
    Thanks for a great article,
    Adirondack Jack & Niki

  • How beautiful! One of my dog-walking friends is from that area and returns every year to visit family. I’ve always enjoyed her descriptions of her beloved home and this is definitely on my longgggggg list! Jody, I’ve never used bark collars on my dogs and am interested in the do’s and don’t’s.

  • It is also a must see during the Christmas holidays. All lit up! One of the top in the South…

    If we had known you would be there the next day, we would have come to meet you. Let us know next time…

  • Hi Mike thanks for the review of the Kentucky horse Park.
    I was looking for a place to stay between Memphis and Ohio and found this place on their website last week. With this being my very first trip in my 2002 roadtrek and on my own I was a little worried about stopping there or anywhere for that matter.
    Your review confirmed for me that it was a good place to stay.
    Can’t wait to go, I’m so excited!

  • Penny, I think you can find my contact info on the RT owners website…member list. Call me and let me know when you will be there.

  • That where I live…the horse park is wonderful

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  • We went 3 yrs ago and felt so relaxing

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  • Wonderful place. We were there far a three-day event many years ago and again in 2002 and spent a week at the campground in our Roadtrek. It was wonderful!

  • doesn’t exactly look like that now… lots of snow!!!

  • Dave and Traci – I say we check this out this summer.

  • I loved that place.

  • I loved that place.

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  • Je suis fascinée par les chevaux!!!C’est majestueux !!!

  • make sure you make reservations in advance. It is a wonder campground and beautiful area. We live 20 minutes away and go for nice weekends away. Due to many horseshows and other activities it books up quickly. Only campground in the Lexington area.

  • Beautiful

  • Great place!

  • Directly across Ironworks Pike from the park is the northern trailhead to the Legacy Trail, a 7.5 mile paved trail for walking, jogging or cycling into the Lexington area. Also the historic city of Georgetown, known for antiques and its old jail Art Center, is only 10 minutes to the north via I-75 or KY 25.

  • We stayed there for one night in November. It was our very first trip south in our new 190 Popular. We took the time to see the exhibits before we left the next morning. Our little dog was welcome almost everywhere. It was a very welcoming lovely place and we plan to make it an annual stop.

  • Stayed. There nice park.

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  • I love love love KY Horse Park

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  • I love seeing horses, I think there pretty cool to look at.

  • Doug Dring was this where you stayed

    • nope…. we were in a park in Ohio

    • oh yes i remember now

  • Cheryl Foreman

  • We stayed there in May. Very nice park

  • My friend and I had stayed at a KOA not really that far from the horse park. We had a great time visiting the park and also the farm of friends for retired horses somevery famous horses there too.

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  • One of the best campgrounds we’ve been to.

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