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Jennifer’s Tips: What to Do with Old T-Shirts

Jennifer's Tips: What to Do with Old T-Shirts 1

If you are like us, you have drawers full of T-shirts you’ve collected over the years from your various travels.

Most are seldom or ever worn, yet you’ve hung on to them all because they represent nice memories. But all they are really doing is gathering dust.

Here’s an idea: Make a quilt from them.

If you’re handy at such things, by all means do it yourself. I’m not. That’s why a service like Project Repat is so appealing.

Project Repat is a company that turns T-shirts into quilts or pillows. Just send in your t-shirts or sweatshirts and they will turn it into a personalized, unique quilt or pillow within a couple short weeks.

Jennifer's Tips: What to Do with Old T-Shirts 2Project Repat quilts and pillows are fun to use for RV travel T-shirts and sweatshirts collected over the years that would otherwise sit in a drawer, or by anyone cleaning out the closet who can’t bear to part with nostalgic T-shirts.

They charge $75 for a basic lap quilt. They make them in various sizes up to king, depending on how many T-shirts you send them. Each T-shirt is typically cut down to a 12 by 12 or 14 by 14 panel, with fleece lining sewn in.

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December 05, 2017at11:01 am, Carol said:

Nice idea! I’ve donated many of my old shirts, but this is a great alternative.

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