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Jennifer’s Tip: Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer for Your RV

My tip this week is about the one device in our RV we probably use more than any other device or appliance. The clock!

Specifically, a very handy wall clock. We use the SkyScan Atomic Digital Clock with Indoor and Outdoor Temperature. We got it on Amazon for about $80.

There’s an outdoor sensor that Mike mounted on our outside rear door with industrial strength Velcro. On the inside, he mounted the main display on the wall between the rear bed and the galley, also with Velcro. Both the sensor and the display stay firmly in place, even on bumpy roads.

The display is very easy to read, especially with those three inch time digits.

We get an inside temperature reading and an outside temperature, plus the time, as well as the day and date. We like this clock because it is always accurate. That’s because it is self-setting and uses atomic time.

Every day around 2 am, it syncs by radio waves to the official US time standard in Fort Collins CO. All you do is select the time zone you are in and the clock automatically adjusts the time. It will also automatically set itself to Daylight Savings Time when those spring forward and fall back dates roll around.

The clock is quite attractive. The one we picked has black frame that matches very nicely with the gray and ebony interior colors of our Roadtrek.

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July 17, 2016at7:52 pm, Vanholio! said:

I have a simpler model. But I find it absolutely essential to assure myself that the inside temp is OK for my dogs.

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