In this edition of How We Roll, Jennifer and I tackle questions from readers asking about how we dry bath towels while we're on the road. Jennifer shows some hooks I attached with stick-on tape and a very simple but effective bungee cord clothesline we have in the bathroom. She also recommends fast-drying micro fiber towels. Besides the bungee-clotheline (which hangs and dries two full-sized bath towels very effectively and out of sight behind the bathroom door), I have strategically stuck on plastic hooks (found at WalMart) on several vertical walls to hang sweatshirts, towels, and other items like that.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 7.51.35 AMI answer a question about the folding chairs we use while traveling. We use the telescoping Set of 2 – PICO ARM CHAIR Telescoping Director's Chair
and I show how compactly it packs. They're expensive, about $100 each. But they are very rugged. Best pricing comes when you buy two of them. They fit in a case that can be carried over the shoulder like a large laptop bag.

Since we did this video, we have also added Zero Gravity 2 Pack Reclining Pool Patio Outdoor Lounge Chairs (Beige/Tan).

Here's our video:

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