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How to clean the Instant Pot: 5 Super Easy RV Recipes Tips!

| Updated Jul 13, 2023

We RVers love cooking with the Instant Pot:  But how to clean the Instant Pot stainless steel liner can be a real challenge.

The Instant Pot provides a depth of flavor to your favorite RV recipes. It's the perfect kitchen (galley) accessory for RVers who want to prepare tasty, nutritional meals on the road.

Most RVers use the Instant Pot 3-qt version because of its compact size. It's perfect fr two-person meals, with even another meal or two left over that you can freeze for another day. It also comes in a 6-quart size which is better suited to homes with more kitchen space.

It keeps the dishes to a minimum and after a little prep work of the ingredients, you get to ‘set it and forget it!  The cook time for these 1 pot meals is just a fraction of the time that is required by a crockpot slow cooker. This is a fast pot that can cook under high pressure requiring a short amount of time!

The Instant Pot is a versatile cooker for saute', high or low-pressure cooking, slow cooking and more.

This article is meant to give you some tips on how to clean the Instant Pot stainless steel cooking insert when it gets discolored or stained.

It's normal for stainless steel pots to get some resistant discolorations over time and frequent use.

how to clean the Instant Pot when it is discolored like this
If your Instant Pot looks like this, read on as we will tell you how to clean the Instant Pot when it is discolored like this

After I experienced strange discolorations at the base of mine, I searched for how to clean the Instant Pot, as my enthusiasm for cooking in my Instant Pot diminished some seeing the stainless steel pot look like the photo above one evening after I had washed and dried itafter preparing a lovely meal.

I was determined to learn how to clean the Instant Pot and make it shine again.

Here was my remedy for the problem and some additional alternate cleaning methods that you can use to clean your Instant Pot stainless steel liners when regular soap and water start failing to make the pan sparkle.

The products I use are Barkeepers Friend, a powdered cleanser; the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and a good old fashioned SOS scouring pad.

How to clean the Instant Pot with various products (try them one by one, till done!):

  1. Scrub and rinse with Barkeepers Friend and soap and water.
  2.  Pour a cup of white vinegar in the pot and let it rest overnight, then scour and rinse.
  3.  Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and a little water on the spots
  4.  Also try an SOS pad and a little warm water.
  5.  Pour 1 cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of water into the Instant Pot liner, close the steam vent, set the Instant Pot to saute for 10 minutes then rinse and wipe the liner clean.

That's it. Now you know how to clean the Instant Pot!

Chef MJ

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Mike Wendland

Published on 2020-06-12

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I just bought a Airfryer and love it. I am thinking of using it in my RV. Could you do an article on this appliance and if you could do an easy recipe, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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