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Has the RV Boom Ended?

| Updated Dec 5, 2023

Across the RV industry these days, the question on everyone's mind is has the RV boom ended?

The recent economic downturn is claiming lots of victims and the RV industry is no exception The industry is still very strong and no one is panicking – yet – but the indications are that sales, production, RV travel, and consumer demand are all starting to slide.

That's the main topic of this week's Episode 403 of the RV Podcast, along with the RV News of the week, RV questions, tips, and audience feedback.

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The RV Industry has been stressed for the past two years

Has the RV Boom Ended
The RV industry has been under pressure for two years now

Like every other segment of society, inflation and shortages have been issues that the RV Industry has been mightily struggling with for the past two years.

Add to that plant shutdowns, backlogged orders, a severe worker shortage and you have a severe crisis – a crisis the industry fought hard and, just as the calendar turned 2022, was largely overcoming.

Finally, inventory levels were increasing, and dealers had new RVs to show consumers, who in some cases have had to wait as long as two years to take delivery of a new RV… often at a considerably higher price than when they ordered it.

It was most definitely a seller’s market.

But then… then came talk about the word that nobody wanted to say, a word that, when last it hit in 2008, all but crippled the industry and gave it its darkest days in history. That word is recession.

The RV Industry has bad memories of the last recession

If we are not now in one, the nation’s economy is perilously close.

The first concrete warning signs started as the first quarter was ending. Record high fuel prices started being set weekly. In just a few months really, fuel costs doubled. Today, gas is routinely $5 a gallon, or more. Diesel is a bit over $6.

Those outrageous pump prices were enough to cool a booming market. But the double whammy came last month with the Fed’s major increase in interest rates.

Rising interest rates mean much less attractive financing and many buyers were priced out even before that.

So what COVID couldn’t do, what the supply chain mess couldn’t do, what all the other issues failed to do, those ever rising fuel costs and interest rate hikes have done: They have curbed the unprecedented public demand for RVs. Not a lot. Not yet. But steadily, bit by bit, the industry is seeing the writing on the wall.

The RV Boom of record demand and record sales is not what it is.

RV Makers are playing it safe through “Production Adjustments”

Has the RV Boom Ended
The industry is adjusting production

In recent weeks, some RV manufacturers have announced “production adjustments.” That means they are slowing down the assembly lines. One major RV maker I know of has gone to a four day work week to cut costs and be poised for whatever is coming next. Others, I’m sure, are doing similar “adjustments.”

To a certain degree, this happens seasonally every summer. But against the backdrop of bad economic news on every single front, this downturn is viewed much more ominously.

There are other signs.

The climate is rapidly worsening

The stock market is hitting the bottom line of RV manufacturers hard. Shares for RV makers are down an average of more than 30%, even despite record sales up as much as 85% compared to three years ago in those pre-COVID days.

RV Business News did a story about the bumpy ride being faced by the RV industry last week in which it noted 70% of RV dealers said demand had slowed noticeably since April.

A study by the financial company Truist found a quarter of dealers reported they were already too heavy on inventory – a first in more than four years and not a good sign of a continuing RV boom.

According to J.D. Power, the average retail value across all RV classes in the U.S. has been dropping.

And as if more confirmation is needed, Black Book, which appraises retail vehicle sales, released the Black Book RV Market Commentary for July 2023.

RV prices are going down

reason to buy a rv Has the RV Boom Ended
Will prices finally come down?

Prices, which had been going up for most of the past two years, have reversed course. The average selling price for RV motorhomes was $68,948 which is down $4,402 (6%) from the previous month. Towables are also down, with an average price of $20,196, down 3.2%.

So, the RV Industry’s Boom sure seems to be coming to an end, if it hasn’t already.

For consumers, though, this may not be the same bad news it is on the board rooms of the big RV companies.

Consumers always fare better when a seller’s market ends and it becomes a buyer’s market.

We’ve already noted there is more inventory. That’s good. While high retail prices are still here… and high prices for used RVs are still with us, too… the trend is for continued falling prices.

I can see the day soon when RVs will sell closer to their MSRP, maybe even with a discount as it used to be, instead of way over MSRP as has been the case for two years now.

Used RV prices will likely decline as inflation and high fuel prices causes many RVers to give up the lifestyle. Right now, used RVs are often being sold for more than they cost new.

Will “Production Adjustments” result in better quality?

Improved quality is a likely result of “adjusted production schedules” – sometimes a code phrase for layoffs – because those workers who are building RVs will generally have more experience because of seniority hiring and firing policies at the RV factories. I hate to see anyone lose their jobs. But it’s no secret that the frenetic pace of RV production during the height of the boom is believed by many to be a big reason for the corresponding complaints of poor quality.

I don’t think the RV industry will collapse or fare as poorly as it did back in 2008.

The industry is resilient and creative

rv repair horror stories plague the rv industry Has the RV Boom Ended

The challenges the industry faced post-COVID and the way it met demand despite the very stacked deck it was dealt demonstrated its resiliency and creativity.

But I do think it will cool down considerably in the months ahead. But because even with lessening demand the industry is much stronger than it was even before COVID.

Americans love the RV Lifestyle. That will not change.

The incredible boom of the past two years was unsustainable.

It’s time for the industry to level off a bit, for RV consumers to regain some of their clout and for quality, inventory, and prices to all improve.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Has the RV boom ended?

Let us know in the comments. and if you've missed any of our podcasts, just go here and find them all.

Mike Wendland

Published on 2022-07-06

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

4 Responses to “Has the RV Boom Ended?”

July 11, 2022at3:32 pm, Valerie Werne said:

Mike and Jen, any advice on where to post a TT for sale? Our goal is a larger TT so my husband can have a larger workspace.


July 13, 2022at11:03 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Hi Valerie – Mike and Jen don’t really have advice on a place, but we have heard of people having good luck at RV Trader and Facebook Marketplace/RV sites. Good luck to you – Team RV Lifestyle


July 06, 2022at8:28 am, Elaine Olson said:

I’ve been enjoying your RV style commentaries now for a while and have purchased some of your travel guides including the latest and then Natchez Trail and was wondering if I should worry about stopping at any of those points of interest towing my trailer. We are planning to go in the fall following your guide and looking forward to the stops along the way but wondered if towing an RV will be a different experience than you had in your travel van?


July 07, 2022at11:17 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Hi Elaine and thank you for the kind words! Mike and Jen said you shouldn’t have any problems pulling on trailer on the Natchez Trail stops in their guide. Hope that helps. Team RV Lifestyle


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