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Top 10 DREAM RV Destinations According to REAL RVers

| Updated May 23, 2024

What are your dream RV destinations? Is it a coastal beach area or somewhere deep in the woods? Or maybe it is not even in America…

We asked, and our fellow RVers answered! We recently posed a question in our RV Lifestyle community: My DREAM RV destination is _______________. 

And boy, did we get a lot of responses! It may not surprise you that several locations were mentioned A LOT! The following are the top 10 dream destinations real RVers want to visit… 

Top 10 Dream RV Destinations from Real RVers

From Alaska to Florida, RVers want to see it all. The post has received over 200 comments so far!

Keep reading to find out the top 10 dream RV destinations, including the ones outside the United States!

1. Alaska

alaska Top 10 DREAM RV Destinations According to REAL RVers

The most frequently mentioned dream destination from our RV Lifestyle members is Alaska. And who can blame them? 

Alaska is known for its unfettered landscapes, fantastic wildlife, and adventure opportunities. If you like to fish, hike, and do water recreation, then Alaska is for you!

Not to mention the national parks and other incredible places to RV. 

Denali National Park and Preserve

This incredible park encompasses 6 million acres of wilderness. That is not a typo! You can explore 6 million acres of Alaska’s interior wilderness. 

See spruce forests, tundra, and glaciers. Or go to check out the fantastic wildlife, including wolves, moose, grizzly bears, and Caribou. It's one of the 10 Best National Parks for Wildlife Viewing for RVers.

Or enjoy more adventurous activities like hiking and biking. 

Notable Alaskan Cities

You can also visit Alaskan cities with many other recreation options, such as Homer and Fairbanks

Homer, Alaska, is a small city on Kachemak Bay on the Kenai Peninsula. 

You can shop, visit art galleries, and eat at some of the best seafood restaurants. There are museums, like the Pratt Museum, and visitor centers to see if that is more your thing!

For those who want to see wildlife or do sports, there is plenty to go around. 

If you plan an RV trip to Alaska, here are some tips you will want to take advantage of! Make sure to read 7 Helpful Alaska Travel Tips for RVers.

Or check out the information from our podcast… Episode 123: What you need to know to plan an RV trip to Alaska.  

2. Zion National Park 

best campgrounds in zion national park

Zion National Park is one of the most breathtaking places we have ever visited. And talk about an incredible camp! 

Zion National Park is a stunning national park in the southwestern United States, specifically Utah. It is renowned for its breathtaking red rock formations, deep canyons, and the Virgin River that runs through it. 

Most people like to visit Zion National Park to see the incredible geography, including sandstone cliffs, mesas, and slot canyons. The most famous slot canyon in the park is called The Narrows. You hike through this incredible canyon and in the Virgin River for parts. 

There are scenic drives, unique wildlife, and a Visitor’s Center for people wanting additional park information. 

The other trendy thing to do is hike Angel’s Landing. This hike offers stunning panoramic views of the canyon. The trail includes a steep ascent with sections of narrow ridges and drop-offs.

We love camping in the park because the views are just that stunning. To find out where to camp, read The 5 Best Campgrounds in Zion National Park

If you are a cyclist, consider biking through Zion. Check out Zion Canyon by Bicycle

Or, if you are more of a spiritual person, this one may be for you! Keep reading… Trips: Zion National Park is Indeed a Holy Place

3. Yellowstone National Park

3 Beautiful Boondocking Sites Outside Yellowstone

It is no wonder that Yellowstone National Park is a fan favorite among RVers! Especially those folks who love unique sites and fascinating geography. 

Not only was Yellowstone National Park named America’s first national park. It is a nearly 3,500 square-mile recreation area with cool geologic features and incredible, intact wildlife ecosystems that humans rarely witness. 

You can see active geysers and geothermal areas with colors you do not normally associate with nature.

You can also see incredible wildlife, like bison, wolves, bears, antelope, and elk. 

You can even take in the views of Yellowstone River and the surrounding area, also known as the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Keep reading… Did You Know There is a Grand Canyon of Yellowstone? 

Another thing about Yellowstone that not all folks talk about is the misbehavior of the tourists. Some folks do not respect Yellowstone's nature and do less-than-smart things when visiting. Some even die as a result! Keep reading… Yellowstone Tourons: The Shocking and Outrageous Behavior of Park VIsitors Revealed! 

4. Florida

Florida Parks with Vacancy for Snowbirds THIS WINTER!

Florida has been a longtime love of RVers from all over the world. Especially snowbirds driving south to escape cold winter temperatures from other states! 

We love Florida and have traveled there a significant bit. One of the most incredible places to visit in Florida is the Florida Keys. This string of tropical islands stretches about 120 miles beyond the southern tip of the Florida mainland. 

It is a fantastic place to boat, fish, snorkel, or scuba dive. You can also spend time with the Sea Turtles in Dry Tortugas National Park

To find the best places to RV in Florida, keep reading… 15 Best Florida Beach Campgrounds (Including Beachfront!). If traveling to the Florida Keys with your family, read 13 Best Things to Do in the Florida Keys for Families

You may also want to check out our Florida RV Adventure Guides:

5. Glacier National Park

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Glacier National Park is another location where you can get close to untouched natural beauty, including breathtaking landscapes and incredible wildlife. It is located in Montana’s Rocky Mountain range and features glacier-carved peaks and valleys reaching the Canadian border. 

The park encompasses about 1,583 square miles and boasts 700 hiking trails. Those are great places to view glaciers, alpine meadows, or carved-out valleys. 

You will not want to miss Going-to-the-Sun Road, Grinnell Glacier, or Virginia Falls when visiting the park. 

See why Glacier National Park should be on your Bucket List.

6. Arizona

Top 10 DREAM RV Destinations According to REAL RVers 1

Many RVers mentioned that their dream is to RV through Arizona. Arizona is home to diverse landscapes, natural wonders, and cultural attractions. 

Not to mention that snowbirds also love Arizona’s warm climate.

Of course, the Grand Canyon National Park is one of the main attractions for folks to see in the Grand Canyon State. It is known for its layered bands of red rock that reveal the park’s millions of years of geologic history. But words honestly cannot describe its vastness and beauty. 

If you are visiting soon, be sure to know What to Wear to the Grand Canyon (Plus a Packing List).

7. Great Smoky Mountains

smoky mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains are a mountain range near the Tennessee-North Carolina border. They are a sub-mountain range that is part of the larger Appalachian Mountains. 

The most notable site to see in the Great Smoky Mountains is the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is the longest linear park in America and is 469 miles long. Take in some of the most beautiful scenic views of any road in the United States! 

Fall is a beautiful time to hike the Great Smoky Mountains. You can take in the incredible landscapes of the changing fall foliage. See our Fall Photo Hike through the Great Smoky Mountains

8. Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

Another region you should check out is located on the eastern coast of Canada. We did not include it in the “other countries” section below because quite a few people mentioned it in the Facebook post. So, we thought it deserved it's own section.

Nova Scotia is a province in eastern Canada. It is known for its stunning coastal landscapes, historic sites, vibrant culture, and friendly communities. 

When visiting, you can take in and hike its rugged coastline and picturesque fishing villages. The area is located on the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by the Bay of Fundy. The bay itself is famous for having the world’s highest tides!

Another favorite location in Nova Scotia is the Annapolis Valley, where you can enjoy farms and vineyards. 

You can also visit neighboring Prince Edward Island. It boasts many of the same features and is the beloved town that was home to the characters of Anne of Green Gables. 

Be sure to research current regulation for Crossing the Canadian Border in an RV.

9. Other National Parks

yosemite landmarks

While we think you can find beauty in any of America’s National Parks, there were a few that our RV Lifestyle members noted. You cannot go wrong if you have not yet been to these places or want to return for a second look! 

Note that Yosemite and Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park are both in Central California. In between the two parks is one of the most unique gardens in the U.S., Forestiere Underground Gardens.

Plus, very close to the Underground Gardens is the best zoo we recommend in our California Animal Tour: 10 Best CA Zoos, Aquariums & More. (Yes, it's even better than San Diego Zoo!)

10. Other Countries

RVing is not just for America! Many RVers ship, drive, or rent RVs in other countries.

Many folks commented about their RV dream locations to other countries. They named places such as: 

  • Mexico
  • Costa Rica
  • Thailand
  • Tahiti
  • Africa 
  • South America

What Are Your Dream RV Destinations?

SHARE YOUR DREAM RV VACATION in the comments below. We'd love to hear what's on your RV Bucket List, including if you've crossed it off already!

Be sure to scroll down and see what other dream RV destinations others have shared.

Mike Wendland

Published on 2024-05-23

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

9 Responses to “Top 10 DREAM RV Destinations According to REAL RVers”

May 24, 2024at1:33 pm, Nancy Jenkins said:

My dream destination RV would a tie between Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. Would have to rent a RV.


May 24, 2024at12:28 pm, Linda Green said:

Our longtime dream is to caravan down to South America. We don’t have much caravan experience, but we had done a caravan on railroad flatbed cars in Chihuahua Mx to Las Mochas and at Copper Canyon.


May 24, 2024at8:20 am, Dennis Samblanet said:

My wife and I have been blessed to have visited all of the locations mentioned except for the “Other Countries” and Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. However, we are scheduled to go on the same Fantasy Tour Caravan with Mike and Jen this summer to both Nova Scotia and PEI. Really looking forward to this caravan!


December 05, 2023at7:42 pm, Jan Luecke said:

My late husband and I made it to 5 of these places in our travels. There is so much beauty in the U.S.A. I miss my traveling days. It wouldn’t be fun for me going alone.


December 07, 2023at3:29 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

That is wonderful that you made it to five! I bet you made wonderful memories – Team RV Lifestyle


December 03, 2023at7:40 am, Peter Donaldson said:

We have traveled with our RV to all of those locations except Alaska and other countries. We have a 6 month RV trip planned to to a couple of western states and Alaska in 2024. Might have to plan an other countries RV trip in 2025 to celebrate turning 65.


December 05, 2023at3:54 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Wow! To have been to all those locatins but Alaska is very impressive! Happy travels to you in 2024! Team RV Lifestyle


December 01, 2023at9:49 am, Fred Haaser said:

Regarding Denali, I was just there in August 2023 and the road is still closed about mile marker 32 or so due to the road failure caused by permafrost melting, meaning 70% of the park is unavailable to visit unless you take a bush plane line I did to the far end and stay in one of the few open lodges. Road reconstruction is now underway with a date of 2026 to re-open. RVs obviously need a road. I have to admit I have never seen so many grizzlies, caribou, moose and other wildlife in one place!


December 01, 2023at4:12 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for adding this information to the story, Fred! It sounds like you had an amazing experience – Team RV Lifestyle


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