The temperature outside is in the negative digits as we ready the Roadtrek for a trip south.  All those little things that we have been put ting off since the last trip need to be dealt with now.  Adjusting the closet latch, replacing the shower curtain, cutting a piece of Reflectix for the stove vent, etc.

Typical Glide Tape Damage (Medium)

Typical Glide Tape damage – clip partly torn from tape

One of the common repairs is fixing the curtains. Roadtrek uses a curtain track common to many RVs.  The glide tape that holds the clips that slide on the track are sewn to the curtains. Unfortunately the plastic glide tape becomes brittle with age and eventually will tear at one or more of the clips, requiring a replacement of a section of glide tape.  This is fairly simple repair, and it gives you an excuse to wash the curtains.  Although we have not had any trouble with curtain shrinkage for this type of curtain – and we run through the normal warm washer, hot dryer cycles – yours may be different.  If in doubt wash in cold water and hang to dry.

Glide Tape Styles (Medium)

Two Styles of Glide Tape

Glide tape is available at Camping World and other RV stores.   It matches the stuff Roadtrek used perfectly – a clear vinyl strip with clips riveted to it.  However, thanks to one resourceful member of the Roadtrek Yahoo Group we learned that the stuff was also available as a cloth webbing with the clips riveted to the webbing.  This will not age and tear like the vinyl tape.   No more repairs needed!   Should you replace the curtains or need to replace an entire strip, I highly recommend getting some of it.  It can be purchased by the yard at

Rip Out Threads in Damaged Section (Medium)

Rip Out Threads in Damaged Section

Use a thread ripper to remove the stitches in the damaged area.  It is not necessary to replace the entire strip of glide tape, just replace the damaged section.  If you don’t have a thread ripper buy one up at a fabric store — they’re  cheap and very handy for this task.

Cut out Damaged Section (Medium)

Cut out the damaged section of glide tape



Now cut out the damaged section.  Allow about 1.5 inches on either side of the torn clip.  Then cut a piece of new glide tape that will slightly overlap the existing tape.



Overlap old and new Glide tape slightly (Medium)

Overlap old and new glide tape slightly


Put the new piece of tape over the exiting piece.  The overlap should be about 1/2 to 1 inch.  This photo shows about an inch of overlap.


Use Zipper Foot to Sew Glide Tape (Medium)

Use a zipper foot to sew the glide tape.


You will need a zipper foot to clear the clip when sewing the glide tape to the curtain.  It is possible to hand sew if you don’t have a sewing machine, but it is a quick job on a machine.

RV curtain repair is that simple. Now you are ready to rehang your clean and repaired curtains.  Enjoy!




Snap Kit with Tools (Medium)

Snap Kit with Tools


Another common curtain failure is the snaps.  RV stores carry a Snap Kit that has the tools and the parts to replace individual snaps.  You will need a hammer.  Instructions come with the kit.



If you are faced with some major curtain repairs consider making changes at the same time.  Prefer a different material?  Want to do a little decorating?  Want to add blackout material to the back?  You can use the original curtains as a pattern.  Don’t be afraid to change your RV to fit your lifestyle and tastes.  Be creative!