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Critter signs along the way

Over the last week, I’ve been organizing the thousands of photos I’ve taken over the past few years and noticed that I have a pretty good collection of animal crossing signs.

Like a lot of people, I love seeing wildlife while roadtreking. Somehow, I started taking photos of them as we traveled.

From there, well, it sort of evolved into all sorts of signs about critters… of all sorts.

hogs-crossing1Since I had them all organized, I thought I’d put them together in this little slideshow.

I know. Taking photos of critter crossing signs is a weird hobby.

Do you do anything like that? Collect photos of certain things or themes?



5 Responses to “Critter signs along the way”

March 31, 2014at1:28 pm, Jim Diepenbruck said:

Yes. We always try to get a shot of welcome signs when crossing into new states and also take a “family portrait” of Carolyn, me and the RT beside NP entrance signs.

March 31, 2014at1:11 pm, Rosemary in PA said:

I collect picture of weather vanes. The ones along the shore are particularly fun. The ones in the Lancaster, PA, countryside are also usually lovely.

March 31, 2014at12:09 pm, Sandra said:

Thank you Mike. That was fun to see.

March 31, 2014at10:55 am, Maureen said:

Love all your signs….Bigfoot….really!

March 31, 2014at10:51 am, Maureen said:

Mike, I am not sure I should admit it but on my first trip to Europe I was so amazed at all the different lavatory styles I took pictures everywhere I went. Of course, there was nobody using the facilities at the time! I think I’ll find something much more interesting when I get on the road, like the goats grazing on the roof of the general store at Coombs, BC weird and wonderful things would be ideal.

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