Caught in a fierce windstorm in my Roadtrek

I was filling up my Roadtrek at a Pilot Travel Center along I-75 near Findlay, Ohio today when a fierce storm, first thought to be a tornado but what I believe were straight line winds, hit with full force. Part of the station’s roof was torn off. Part of it landed on my Roadtrek. I whipped out my iPhone and recorded it all.

For about five minutes, I was trapped at the pump, blocked by a vehicle behind me, whose driver ran into the Pilot building for shelter.. I didn’t want to move forward as that’s where the flying debris was whipping the strongest.

Damage to my Roadtrek was minor, all things considered.

But it made for some pretty scary moments. The storm uprooted trees, flipped at half-dozen semi tractor trucks on I-75, destroyed buildings and knocked power out in the area.  The city of Findlay and the Hancock County  declared a state of emergency in the wake of the storm. The Toledo Blade said it packed hurricane force winds.

I’m very fortunate that I wasn’t hurt or damage wasn’t worse. I credit several of the Pilot employees that stood right out in the middle of the storm trying to keep the roof parts from doing more damage. Ken Rader said Pilot would take care of the repairs. which consisted of a couple of dents and scratches and a broken part of my side mirror.

I hope to take my Roadtrek to the factory for the fixes.

Meantime, here’s a video of what it was like:

Mike Wendland

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