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How to Get the Perfect Camp Host Job

Thinking about getting a camp host job or becoming a work camper? Now is the time to apply if you want to snag a work camping job in 2023!

Camp host jobs are one of many options available to RVers that can reduce the cost of being on the road. However, it takes a lot of planning to get the perfect camp host job. That planning must start now, or the 2023 work camping season will be disappointing.

What is involved in a Camp Host job?

A camp host, or work camper (sometimes spelled workamper), is a person who does things around a campsite in exchange for a free camping spot. In some cases, camp hosts are also paid. Camp host jobs may be on a public or private campground, though each workamping opportunity works a little differently.

The duties of a camp host vary depending on the location, as do the camp host site's amenities. Each RVer must decide whether the job is appropriate for them. Jennifer and I have heard many stories about camp hosts who jumped in and were delighted with the results.

But we've also heard about people who were locked in for several months with duties they hated.

How to Get the Perfect Camp Host Job 1
Being a work camper brings many memories

Common Items on Camp Host Job Descriptions:

  • Take out trash
  • Clean bathrooms and showers
  • Check campers in and out
  • Answer questions
  • Assist guests
  • Perform small maintenance tasks
  • Enforce campground regulations
  • Landscaping tasks

Work hours are a significant consideration when work camping, especially since part of camping is enjoying the beautiful nature. Generally, camp hosts must work between 15 and 20 hours per week to pay for a site with full hookups (no running off to dump).

However, that's per vehicle, so there's wiggle room on who works the hours. Additionally, campgrounds may offer hourly wages for work above those hours.

Typically, camp host jobs are three-to-six- month commitments. It's important to note that camp hosting is one workamping option. Other workamping options are available, such as traveling with a motorsports circuit.

image about getting camp host jobs
Camp host jobs cover all aspects of a campground

Why Plan to get your Camp Host Job Now

Camp host jobs are competitive. The allure of a paid-for campsite is strong, and many view it as the perfect job for workamping. By applying early, RVers can lock in those desirable campgrounds. Plus, it looks good on applications to be among the first applicants.

Additionally, applying and planning camp host jobs early provides some surety and stability to life. Jennifer and I know how important surety can become, like our commitment to Jennifer's workouts while we're on the road. Knowing the next destination helps immensely with the mood in the RV.

Lastly, travel time is a consideration. Part of the joy of RVing for us is exploring along the way. Knowing when camp host jobs start and end, people can better plan their time and enjoy along the way. This schedule is also crucial for people taking more than one workamping job in a season.

TIP: A great resource that lists many jobs is Workamper News –

TIP #2: There are lots of ways to find that camp host or workamper job. CLICK HERE FOR A LIST

How to Get the Perfect Camp Host Job 2
Scenic RV Camping Spot During Sunset. Camp host jobs let you have this every night

Steps to Finding the Perfect Camp Host Job

Camp host jobs need to be approached like any other job. By presenting professionally, people are more likely to get the camp host jobs they want and the work camping experience they desire.

Start Early

We cannot emphasize enough how much starting early helps with any workamping experience. Generally, it's best to begin searching for positions six months out from the expected start date. However, some experienced camp hosts line up their job schedules a year in advance.

Research and Prioritize

Researching the positions, campgrounds, and surrounding areas is essential to work camping. After all, if the job is not in an area that works for the RVers or it has undesirable job characteristics, it should not be an option.

It's also important to prioritize, especially for first camp host positions. Focusing energy on the application and subsequent follow-ups on the best work camping opportunities means people are more likely to get the workamping jobs they want.

Have the Paperwork in Order

In addition to resumes and cover letters, applying for workamping opportunities requires specific paperwork. In public campgrounds, a standardized background check is necessary, as is a volunteer registration. Both are reasonably priced, but they take time to complete.

Private campgrounds may also have additional paperwork requirements and background checks. Depending on how the process is set up, these job requirements for RVers may happen after the interview.

Use References

The workamping community is always smaller than people imagine. Therefore, organizing references is still a good idea from previous jobs. For first-timers, try to find references that show hard work and dedication for the application.

Plan for the Camp Host Job Interview

Technology is terrific, and these days people can interview over video as well as over the phone and in person. We have a few words of warning though about mobile internet. Interviewees need to make sure their signal will not drop during the interview. This requirement can mean either finding a spot with exceptional mobile signal or visiting a nearby public library.

Camp host jobs have similar interviews to what many people expect at a typical job. Mostly, they focus on the duties and how comfortable people feel accomplishing each one. There may also be questions on the local area and why RVers want the job. However, there's always the chance for a curveball question.

How to Get the Perfect Camp Host Job 3

Do the Math

Before accepting a position, workamping participants need to check the math on the situation. At no point should a workamper provide more value than they would pay for the spot in a long-term agreement. Ultimately, everyone must make their own choices, and the nontangible perks must also be weighed.

RVers can look at the long-term rates for the campground the job is at to figure this out. Then they can calculate how much their unpaid hours are worth using that state's minimum wage. It's easy to see who is getting the better end of the work camping bargain by comparing the two.

Put Everything in Writing

When accepting a camp host job, everything must be in writing. People may forget verbal agreements, but contracts and emails are forever. This action protects workamping participants and employers alike, so don't be afraid to get very specific.

Enjoy the 2021 Work Camping Season

Camp host jobs are an excellent opportunity to experience local life and nature. With a little preparation and planning, people can secure the perfect job in the area they want to explore. It's time to plan the best work camping season yet!

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