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Top 10 Best Things About Camping

| Updated Jan 1, 2022

Did you see our post about the Top 10 WORST Things about Camping? Well, now let's explore the other side of the conversation.

This is an easy one for sure!  Many RV Lifestyle fans in our Facebook Group were quick to respond, “Everything!” in a recent post. Others shared some creative twists as to why they love camping so much.   

Whether you can get out only a few weekends a year or enjoy life on the road full-time, camping comes with some of the most amazing benefits and pure enjoyments to life. 

You just must experience it yourself to fully grasp the best things of camping life! For those that have, we loved your responses in our Facebook Group and are proud to share the top 10!    

Number 10: BEST Things about Camping – Home Away from Home

leisure travel van dressed up for halloween
Halloween Leisure Travel Van during a recent RV Lifestyle Meetup Photo credit: James Massey

The first step to camping usually involves purchasing or acquiring your camping gear. From tents to travel trailers, camping involves making a new “home away from home.” 

Many RV fans find this process one of the best things about camping. 

If you enjoy the finding, flipping, and pay-off, renovating campers of all kinds has become a huge sensation nationwide. Whether in it for a profit or a new home-on-wheels, the adventure of renovating, decorating, and organizing can be quite enjoyable. 

One Facebook fan, Joe shared that “making everything cozy” is one of the best things about camping. 

Another factor of having a new or second home involves having a seasonal campsite as Sue pointed out on the best things post for our followers. Seasonal opportunities allow you to fully create a vacation home that is only yours and available to you at your heart’s desire!  

Lastly, setting up your campsite with your own personal touches not only livens up the entire campground but gives you the perfect sense of a “new home.” Flags, name signs, and pretty picnic tables all beautify and better the camping lifestyle.  

Number 9: BEST Things about Camping – Having Your Own Stuff

Top 10 Best Things About Camping 1
One of the Beddy's made up in our RV

There is also a huge perk to lugging your new home around with you!  Another best of camping is having all your own stuff with you! 

The RV lifestyle allows you to have your own bed, bath, and kitchen as Luci pointed out in the recent Facebook post. 

Hotels are impersonal, arguably clean, and often lack the comforts of home. Whereas, camping can provide those comforts to you and keep you able to travel long-term. 

Having all your own amenities allows many full-timers to work from the road. Pets also are allowed the comforts of home in a cozy camper.  

Number 8: BEST Things about Camping – Freedom to Go!

best things about camping
Freedom to go where you want to go.

Another fabulous thing about camping is simply the land of the free, home of the brave! Camping gives you the freedom to GO! 

Through the RV lifestyle, you can be free to pick and go whenever, wherever, and with whomever! You are free to travel along highways, through national parks, sleep in wineries, along a river, what you want to do. 

But the camping freedom goes beyond physical freedoms. Via Facebook, Jo referred to this freedom as the “lack of daily obligation.” 

On the same post, camper Shannon called it “just getting to be.” 

We love the ways others describe freedom as it as personal a concept as camping can be. Camping challenges us to be free from the normal daily life constraints, normal concepts of travel and vacation, and free from the traditional brick-and-mortar home life. 

Camping can and will hand you the land of the free with each and every adventure for those of you brave enough to try it! 

Number 7: BEST Things about Camping – Ability to Unplug

Top 10 Best Things About Camping 2
How unplugged do you get?

With freedom, comes less distractions. Many of our Facebook fans identified the ability to “unplug” as one of the best things about camping. 

Campers have been getting away from the grind for years, even if only for the weekend, and the sanctioned time away from everyday stressors is priceless. 

Despite campers having more options now more than ever, many try to use the time away to have less screen time and less dependency on electronics. Such as RV Lifestyle follower, Angie, who described her best thing about camping as “being more deliberate and in an up-close personal way.” How perfectly stated!

Number 6: BEST Things about Camping – Fellowship Around a Campfire

Top 10 Best Things About Camping 3
Recent RV Lifestyle Meetup

Now down to serious business regarding the best things about camping! You just can’t camp without a campfire. 

Well, technically, you can, especially in parts of the nation stricken by forest fires, but let’s stay theoretical here and keep the campfire in camping! 

Warm, crackling fires keep us outside long after dark with warmth, light, and fellowship. They also open the menus up to delicious campfire meals. 

Adding to the recent Facebook discussion, Hyatt stated that there is nothing else quite like food cooked over a fire. As the first kitchen, an open fire enhances mere hot dogs and marshmallows to a whole other level of edible magnificence! 

With delicious food comes the fellowship sharing a campfire brings to all campers, new and old. Stories, laughter, new friends, and more are often shared around a fire ring.   

By the way, if you want to join us for our next RV Lifestyle Meetup – make sure you are a member first. We'd love to have more people get together with us this next year.

Number 5: BEST Things about Camping – Grilling and Finding Local Food

grilling while camping
Grilling out as often as possible is great newbie RV advice

Food cooked over a fire is a definite best bit of camping but isn’t food in general? Thus, we are counting it as the separate best thing about camping. 

Whether over a fire or not, campers have to get creative with their meals due to limited storage space, often large crowds, and small cooking arrangements. 

Grilling is a wonderful choice for many campers. Foil-packs and fresh fish taste thousands of times better when grilled outside.

Patty, a RV Lifestyle follower, reminded us that accessibility to new and regional foods during travel also leads to more creative and cultural dishes. Bring home something new to try or feast at a local restaurant for your meal!  

But sometimes – eating out and finding new food is one of the BEST things to do while RVing. Right?

Number 4: BEST Things about Camping – Travel

Top 10 Best Things About Camping 4
What did you see today?

Enough about food and onto more wonderful things about camping! However, you cannot try those new culinary treasures without traveling to new places. 

Yes, travel is one of the best things about camping!  You might only go an hour or so away from home when camping or you may travel thousands of miles to camp. 

The ability to get away and see something new and different is the real joy. Travel brings new experiences, new people, new food, new memories, and more. 

There is just so much that can be said about travel but you must really just discover it yourself.  Take off today and see what camping adventure you can find!

Number 3: BEST Things about Camping – The Great Outdoors

Mike and Jennifer Wendland ourside
Be in the Great Outdoors

The next on our list may be your number one reason for camping . . . the great outdoors! 

Is there truly anything better than inhaling the fresh mountain air or the salty sea breeze? Camping provides ample opportunities to hike, bike, boat, ride and more. 

Camping helps us enjoy the “simple pleasures of nature” as Pam so eloquently put it in her post on Facebook. 

Campers take time to sit and watch the sunset or rise from their tents before dawn to study the sunrise. Camping allows you to live on the edge of a lake, river, ocean and be one with the water of your choosing. 

Camping brings the mountains closer, the wildlife front and center, and the great outdoors to your feet.  

The great outdoors becomes your home when camping and that is truly great!

Number 2 BEST Things about Camping: Choosing Your Favorite Weather

Top 10 Best Things About Camping 5
Which one does Bo prefer?

When you want to enjoy the great outdoors, the weather plays a large factor in how enjoyable that will be. 

Campers know and understand just that. Therefore, they have the ability to choose the weather they want to enjoy—another best of camping! 

Yes, you snowbirds, we are talking to you! 

But we also are including the snowboarders and skiers who actually flock to the cold weather to partake in their favorite sports.  

The RV lifestyle keeps campers in their happy places, sometimes all year long if they like! One such camper, Sandi, wrote “no New England winter weather” as her best thing about camping. 

Like Sandi and millions of others, head to the sun, sand, or slopes for the best weather conditions for you! 

Number 1 BEST Things about Camping: Friends, Family, and Meeting New People

Mike and Jennifer Wendland and family

Lastly, do you enjoy the outdoors alone or with the ones you love or maybe with complete strangers? 

That question leads to another best thing about camping . . . US! People are usually unavoidable even in the most remote areas but most campers enjoy the company of others. 

The RV lifestyle allows you to travel to new sites but also to see family and friends. Many grandparents spend their time traveling to see grandbabies all over the United States. And did you listen to or watch our recent podcast about Making Memories with your Grandkids?

Fellow RVer, Jennifer, summed up her best thing about camping as the “grands.” 

Other campers travel to visit military buddies or make new friends in campgrounds from state to state. Camping can bring family, friends and strangers together. 

Laurie posted that “sitting and talking, memories with kids and visiting kids” are her most favorite things about camping. 

Call your fellow campground neighbor over, introduce your family and begin a friendship that may last a lifetime as we hope camping brings you together with others in the most memorable ways!

Mike Wendland

Published on 2021-12-09

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

3 Responses to “Top 10 Best Things About Camping”

March 25, 2022at3:09 pm, Kate Hansen said:

I like how you said that it can I’ve you a chance to unplug. My husband was telling me last night at dinner about how he has been thinking about renting an RV for us to go camping in on the weekends, but I wanted to learn more about the advantages of regularly going camping. I really appreciate you helping me learn more about the benefits of camping! [Link deleted]


March 25, 2022at3:26 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks, Kate, for writing. Camping is a wonderful way to unplug and unwind. Happy Trails! Team RV Lifestyle


December 09, 2021at8:49 am, Patrick Kernahan said:

Made many new friends camping.
We are usually loners when traveling as we don’t like the restraints of traveling with others and like to wander off on our own path.
We met a great couple a few years ago and plan a yearly camping trip with them and keep in touch. This is a specific few days to meet up and enjoy.
The rest of the time we are wanderers but will consider a long trip with others someday.


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