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9 Great Benefits of RV Travel 2021

| Updated Feb 16, 2021

There are more benefits to RV travel 2021 than any year before!

Some people are more than happy to stay at home and live life. But for others like us, there’s nothing better than the open road and the wilderness.

Though Jennifer and I already know we love RV life, we understand that there may be others out there who aren’t convinced about the lifestyle yet.

9 Great Benefits of RV Travel 2021

Are you one of those people considering doing some RV travel 2021 style? If so, keep reading to discover what we consider the top benefits of traveling by RV.


1. Take Advantage of Remote Working Status

Due to COVID, more people than ever before are working remotely. You can take advantage of this opportunity to work remotely from the road! 

Explore your state or head across the country, traveling and working safely from your RV.

We think this is the biggest benefit of RV Travel 2021, but there's still plenty of other benefits coming up…

Learn more about Working Remotely from an RV: Pros & Cons.


2. The Flexibility is Awesome

photo of a dispersed campoing boondocking and rv dry camping spot
Our dispersed camping boondocking spot in the Pigeon River Country State Forest in northern Michigan

If you’re looking for a vacation that’s flexible and gives you the freedom to break from a schedule and move at your own pace, then RV travel is for you.

The best part is if you pass something you’d like to see, you can change direction with a simple maneuver. Unlike with air travel you’re able to spend as much time as you’d like visiting new places and sightseeing along the way. 

Many RV parks offer extended-stay rates, so the longer you stay, the cheaper your nightly rate. 


3. No Stuffy Airplane to Expose You to COVID

If you opt for RV travel 2021, you won’t have to worry about anyone sniffling or coughing nearby on an airplane. Nor do you have to breathe in the same air as dozens of other people!

Not to mention you don't have to worry about baggage limits!

In an RV, you have plenty of room to bring books, snacks, pillows, games, movies, drinks, etc. Not only can you bring all the comforts of home, but you can also easily stop if needed. 

Just keep in mind that you still need to follow COVID mandates and safety advisements. 


4. Cheaper Than Other Methods

After traveling by RV for the first time, many people realize just how much cheaper it is than other methods, even by car.

Just think, when traveling by RV, you already have a place to sleep, so there are no hotel costs.

Also, you don’t have to worry about buying airline tickets, and if you prepare food in the RV, meal costs are reduced. The only fees you have to cover are the RV costs (renting vs buying an RV), insurance, park fees, and fuel. 


5. Feel Connected To Nature

This is a benefit that some people never think about, and RVers sometimes take it for granted.

How wonderful is it to imagine falling asleep listening to the owls hooting and crickets chirping? If you’re looking to experience this, but tent camping is a little too wild for you, RV travel 2021 is the way to go. 

You’ll find that it’s the best way to connect with nature while still having the comforts of home.

If RV parks are not appealing, you can always try boondocking. This is essentially dry camping, so you may not have a hookup. There are some great websites, such as Hipcamp, where you can find lots of boondocking locations for rent. 


6. Brings You Closer To Your Loved Ones And Pets

photo about the joys of family camping

RV travel is the best way to get the most out of a family vacation. Not only will it cut a lot of costs, but campgrounds are great places for children to explore and have fun.

Many campgrounds, like KOA campgrounds, offer family amenities such as playgrounds, pools, bonfires, volleyball courts, crafts, etc. 

If you don’t have children but do have pets, you can bring them as well! This will prevent you from having to worry about finding a reputable boarding facility, and your pet will love to feel included.

There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy your vacation while also worrying if your pet is receiving the proper amount of care. Bringing your pet eases your mind because you know what’s going on with them. 


7. RV Travel 2021 is Perfect for Social Distancing!

While many of us hoped the virus would be gone by now, sadly, it’s not.

So, folks are still wanting to travel but looking for effective ways to avoid crowds. RV travel helps do just that!

By nature, it’s a self-contained way to travel where you don’t even have to use public restrooms! Given the right RV, you can also shower, cook, and of course, sleep. 

With this being said, remember to clean your RV properly. You’ll want to make sure to disinfect it to prevent the spread of germs, which also includes sanitizing the holding tanks


8. Experiment With A Minimalist Lifestyle

A minimalist lifestyle sounds great in theory, but it’s not for everyone.

There are some people who may think it would work for them until they try it. Traveling by RV is a great way to “try before you buy” because purchasing an RV is a big investment!


9. You Are In The Driver Seat

9 Great Benefits of RV Travel 2021 1

Most importantly, traveling by RV places you in the driver’s seat. This means you are the captain and are free to go and do whatever you please.

Not only will it keep you from waiting long periods of time in a crowded airport, but there’s truly no better feeling in the world than having the open road in front of you with no itinerary. 

So, when planning your next vacation, be sure to consider RV travel 2021. It’s great for helping maintain your distance from others, will save you money, and you’ll have the time of your life. 


RV Travel 2021: What Are Your Plans?

Are you a fan of RV travel? Leave a comment below and let us know what you plan to do for RV travel 2021!


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Mike Wendland

Published on 2021-02-16

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

14 Responses to “9 Great Benefits of RV Travel 2021”

July 15, 2022at6:12 am, Amy Saunders said:

Psst.. you know what I like the most about this article? It’s the way you explained about how flexible and freeing RV travel is since we’re in total control of basically everything. It really inspires me to refer to someone reputable before I embark on such a journey some time soon. I just realize that I have several days of annual leaves which I must use by the end of this year, and because of that
I plan on a simple trip to a nearby forest reserve. [Link deleted]

July 15, 2022at12:56 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for the feedback, Amy, and hope you plan an amazing adventure with that annual leave – Team RV Lifestyle

February 23, 2021at8:40 am, John Steinbrenner said:

Good Morning Jennifer and Mike,

Looking forward to our RV travels for 2021. First big trip is to the Florida Keys, then to Vero Beach and finally to Disney’s Fort Wilderness. Second, we will be traveling to Traverse City, MI, then to Mackinaw Island, then to Blackhawk Campground in Milton, WI where our son and his family have a seasonal site. Third trip is with 3 of our grandchildren to Jellystone in Caledonia, Wi for a week. The kids really enjoy the waterpark and pools.

Making plans for the Fall as we speak. Hope to go to Utah the see some of our beautiful National Parks there.

Really enjoy RV Lifestyles! Thank you.

John and Judy

February 18, 2021at10:48 am, Mary Chaffee said:

We’re getting ready for a whirl-wind 11 day trip from Northern CA to Mesa Verde, CO area soon. We’re taking our 10 year old granddaughter with us and hoping they open the ranger led tours to the pueblos by the time we get there. (Hope, Hope, Hope…) But there’s also the train from Durango to Silverton and other National Parks along the way. We’re pretty excited. Does anyone have any suggestions for other things to see in that area and west to CA?? Four Corners is closed and fenced off, unfortunately.

February 17, 2021at9:59 am, Karen Fitzgerald said:

Hi Mike and Jen! I purchased several of your e-book guides and used the Florida Coasts books while doing both coasts last fall. They were very helpful! Dan, Freckles (14 year old black lab mix) and I, are heading out late March from So. Indiana (Louisville area) for a 3-4 week adventure in Alabama and further South. The first 10 days will be with family campers. We are retired, so we will leave them and head back to the Gulf Coast to stay at some of the places we particularly liked on our fall trip. Two places we will do again are Navarre Beach and Crystal River. Hoping for warmer weather by then, especially the further South we go!

February 17, 2021at1:22 pm, Mike Wendland said:

Navarre is one of the best-kept beach secrets in all the U.S.!

February 17, 2021at8:21 am, Noah Nason said:

Our 2020 3-month trip to Alaska had to be canceled. Hopefully, the border will be open by this summer.

February 16, 2021at2:15 pm, Bill S. said:

Thanks for your articles i enjoy reading of your experiences on the road. Traveling to Tennessee this summer. A week around Chattanooga and a week around Knoxville. Thinking of retiring down that way.

February 16, 2021at9:58 am, Charlie Harrigan said:

As more and more Americans begin to realize that politicians of all stripes were complicit in spreading misinformation about a virus, a so called vaccine while intentionally or unintentionally suppressing the use of effective, inexpensive and available medications to treat any infected individuals , and unnecessary restrictions for a public that wanted to ‘do the right thing’, the freedom that RV’ers have always sought out should be returning in 2021 in a major way. Businesses that were forced to shutter, unfortunately, may not re-emerge. Those that do deserve our support. Our plans for the coming year are to increase our travel significantly, provided we can collectively derail the announced plans to place more restrictions on our nation by the same people who have inflated COVID numbers to justify their insane actions in 2020. I wish everyone the best for the future in a free to roam society.

February 16, 2021at9:28 am, Deborah Trottier said:

My husband and I are looking into purchasing a camper..we are both 70yrs old and have never camped before. My son is an avid camper and would like us to be able to join him. What type of camper should we purchase!
Thank you,
Brad and Deb

February 16, 2021at9:11 am, Deb Croghan said:

Is it really safe?

February 16, 2021at11:10 am, Ken said:

Safer than any other form of travel while COVID still continues. In a self contained RV, you still just use your own facilities you would by staying home, but you get to change the scenery and get outdoors for certain exploration. If that’s not safe enough…..stay home. You’ll miss out though.

February 16, 2021at8:23 am, Jack String said:

Hello Wendlands,
Judi, Callie (dog) and I are retired and live in Columbus, OH. We bought a 24′ Minnie Winnie motorhome last Fall and have 3 trips planned in 2021. We are travelling 475 miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway and WV State Parks in May for 2 weeks. Then in July we go to Door County WI, across the Michigan UP and back down through Michigan for 3 weeks. Then in September we are taking a 3 week bucket list trip to the Maine Coast and Acadia National Park. Your information and travel guides were a big help to us in planning our trips!

February 16, 2021at7:45 am, Ken Neubecker said:

Yes. We planned to hit the road for an extended period last year, before the pandemic hit. 50 years ago I spent six months traveling around the West in a 1964 VW bus (and yes, looked like a hippie…). My goal is to see what has changed, and what is changing. I’ve spent 30 years working with water and rivers in the Colorado Basin and I want to explore some issues there. My wife and I are both near 70 and have health issues. With me its my lungs (COPD, Asthma). With her its her mind (cognative imairment, early Alzheimers) We’ll likely sell teh house and hit the road for a couple years before settling down again, but who knows. Our little dog Walter will be along for the ride!

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