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55 and Older RV Campgrounds: What RVers are Saying

| Updated Dec 5, 2023

Our RV Lifestyle community members chime in on the 55 and older RV campgrounds. Plus, some helpful information about the restricted parks…

Did you know that some RV parks have age restrictions? They offer the same amenities as other campgrounds and resorts but require that their patrons be over 55. 

These places can be great for those boomers & older genXers who have found they no longer want to camp with children running around. Or at least not all of the time. 

The following covers where you can find 55+ RV campgrounds and what you can expect from them. 

What States Have the Most 55 and Older RV Campgrounds? 

arizona and florida have the most 55 and Older RV Campgrounds
Arizona and Florida

While every state has 55 and older RV campgrounds, two states take the cake in that category. They are Arizona and Florida. 

There are several reasons that these two states attract the most retirees. 

First, Arizona and Florida have beautiful weather. They can get pretty warm in the summer months, but they are a great place to find a temperate winter climate. 

Both states are also tax-friendly for retirees, appealing to many folks. 

Yuma, Arizona, is home to the most 55 and older RV campgrounds in the United States. Out of the top 25 parks in the city, 40% of them are age restrictive.

Other popular cities in Arizona featuring 55+ parks are Tucson and Phoenix. 

Speaking of Arizona, here are the Absolute Best Places to Camp in Arizona for RVers.

Why Do People Love 55+ RV Parks? 

In short, folks are drawn to these 55 and older RV campgrounds for their age-appropriate activities. Most parks have excellent amenities that encourage a sense of community and outdoor recreation. 

Most places offer pools, tennis and pickleball courts, and even golf courses. 

Many parks also have a recreation center that hosts bingo nights, dinners, live music, dancing, arts and crafts, games and cards, and other hobby workshops. 

While each park is different, you can expect to find some activities available to residents. Many also offer a meeting place for snowbird clubs to meet. These outside organizations have their events and are excellent places for people to meet peers and make friends while camping.

55 and Older RV Campgrounds have pickleball
Do you enjoy pickleball?

Are 55+ Parks More Expensive Than Normal RV Parks?  

The answer to this question is that there is no answer. It depends on the park. 

Some 55 and older RV campgrounds are much more affordable than others. You will pay for the amenities you receive, so parks that offer more will cost more. 

There are some ways to save money, however. Consider joining a camping club, like Escapees. Jennifer and I love this membership because it includes many places to stay. 

Escapees is perfect for every age camper, not just those over 55. With your membership, they combine two clubs: Escapees and Xcapers RV Club

The other thing we love about this club is finding lifelong friends. When you stay at 55+ parks, you will find other like-minded campers there. You often become instant friends and find that you see each other at different places throughout the year. 

Can People Under 55 Stay There? 

Again, you have to look at each park to answer this question. Some 55 and older RV campgrounds will allow folks younger than 55 to stay. At the same time, others adhere to a strict age policy. 

The bottom line is that these 55 and older RV campgrounds want respectful people who will be aware of those around them. If younger people are approved and follow the rules, there should be no issue staying there. 

Also, be aware that the retirees in many age-restrictive parks want a quiet environment. It is not the place to bring young children. While we older folks love the sounds of children’s laughter, there is a time and place that we want to hear it. 

Most parks do not have an issue allowing those younger than 55 to stay for a short period if they have the availability. 

What our RV Lifestyle Community Says

I wrote this article when I realized there was so much interest in 55 and older RV campgrounds from our RV Lifestyle Community. 

On April 16, our member, John, asked for opinions about adults-only campgrounds in a Facebook post in our RV Lifestyle group. He said that it seems to be a relatively untapped market and explained why he is interested in these clubs. 

John said, “If we are going away for a trip as a couple, we’d actually pay more to have a kid-free experience. On two of our recent trips, a pool day was sidelined when a kid pooped in it. I grew up as a wild kid in a campground, so I have nothing against kids running free. Yet as I get older, my ideal camping situation is evolving.” 

I think many people can relate to our member’s point of view. While many of us raised our children and have grandchildren that we love dearly, we also enjoy the quiet of an adult-only vacation. 

When other RV Lifestyle members weighed in, they had a lot to say. 

Many members commented that they would love to visit a smoke-free campground. Debbie commented that she wishes “there were smoke free ones. Or at a minimum smoking area separate from non smokers.” 

Megan echoed this sentiment that she would even visit a smoke-free campground rather than a kid-free one. 

She also added that “if you want a kid-free campground go to Arizona. They have lots.” 

Another RV lifestyle member commented on wanting to enjoy a kid-free campground, even though she is not yet 55. She wrote, “Yes!!! (and I’m a mom of 3) I feel like we are in a weird zone now- kids are teenagers, and they rarely come with, but not ready for a 55+ campground. We still want to have fun!”

Her comment received some interesting feedback. John agreed with her and went on to say, “My ideal kid-free weekend is by a pool with a drink in-hand. I’d like a kid-free campground that is still fun.” 

All in all, many of our RV community members would like to enjoy a campground for adults only. Somewhere that offers excellent amenities and fun activities without some of the issues that naturally come along with children. 

How do you find over 55 RV Campgrounds?

One way is to just Google “over 55 RV campgrounds near me” or check your membership clubs or ask in our Facebook Group.

Snowbird Communities of Central Florida

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Published on 2023-11-03

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

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June 12, 2024at12:49 pm, shutter count check said:

I completely agree with Kathy, we recently stayed at an RV park in Arizona that was geared towards seniors and it was wonderful. The facilities were well-maintained and the staff was very friendly and helpful. We also appreciated the social events and activities that were available, it was a great way to meet other people. Keep up the good work with these reviews, they’re so helpful in planning our next trip!


November 05, 2023at12:13 pm, Cathy Marshall said:

Sunkissed Village RV park you mentioned in the article is near Summerfield FL not Summerset.
Good information. We do enjoy the 55+ parks especially if we are staying for 3 months.


November 07, 2023at8:51 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thank you, Cathy! – Team RV Lifestyle


May 10, 2022at8:40 pm, Stephanie A Jesus said:

Great article…Love the peace and quiet of the over 55 camp grounds… Family campground s are great for families with little ones but for those of us who are past that period in our lives nothing is better than enjoying a peaceful camping experience…


May 11, 2022at10:12 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thank you for the encouraging note! Team RV Lifestyle


May 10, 2022at8:53 am, Alan Stewart said:

Have you ever done a clip about rv storage covers we just bought our first rv and we are looking for a metal or wood storage cover thanks


May 11, 2022at10:11 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Mike and Jen have written about covers but not metal or wood ones. Here is a link to what they have done. Happy Trails! Team RV Lifestyle


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