What’s in your RV?

 What’s in your RV?

It's almost like a game we play every time we meet new people at one of our gatherings or in a campground somewhere.

Tell us what's in your RV, we'll ask.

Invariably, that simple questions leads to something interesting or teaches us something about the RV lifestyle that we didn't know before.

Everyone has a favorite modification they've done to their RV. Maybe it's an accessory, a DIY project or a gadget they've installed. We love to see what others have added to their RVs.

In this video, we take you to an RBV gathering we attended in Florida where we asked a bunch of folks…. What's in your RV?
Here are links to some if the extras we showed you in the video:

Links to the products shown:

—The swing-away bike extension arm shown by Steve is made by Kuat and is available at REI at http://bit.ly/2CFN0XB

— The remote macerator switch Theresa showed us came from an idea her husband got on http://roadtreklife.blogspot.com/search?q=macerator And the switch came from http://switch www.parts-express.com It is the SPST Small Rocker Switch w/Amber Illumination 12VDC, Brand:Parts Express|Part # 060-678

— The shades Tom showed us are called Remi Shades and you can find links and info on them at https://sprinter-source.com/forum/showthread.php?t=59805

Mike Wendland

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