Using our RV for Tailgating

 Using our RV for Tailgating

We're down in Southaven, TN, just outside of Memphis, TN this week, watching our grandson, Jacob, 12, play in the Dizzy Dean League Word Series on a team coached by our son, Scott. Man, it it hot. The temperature has been over 100 very humid degrees for several days. That's why we're glad we brought our RV.

Using our RV for Tailgating 1Though the team and all the parents and grandparents are staying at a nearby hotel, our Roadtrek CS Adventurous has been used for tailgating and an air conditioned respite from the heat.

Thanks to 400 watts of solar panels o the roof that keeps the five banks of lithium batteries topped off,  bolstered by Ecotrek which starts the Sprinter chassis motor and the engine generator if the battery voltage should dip too low, we're able to retreat to a comfortable place to chill out, refresh and escape the weather.

Here's our Sunday night “Ask Us Anything” Live report on our YouTube RV Lifestyle Channel, in which we talk tailgating, highlights from recent adventures, upcoming events and videos, and as always, answer your important RV questions…on just anything.


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Mike Wendland

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