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RV Podcast 306: How to find a campsite despite the crowds

A lot of RVers are asking these days: How to find a campsite despite the crowds? The national news media has been filled with stories in recent weeks claiming that campgrounds are bursting at the seams across the country as people are taking up camping and RVing because they are afraid to take traditional vacations […]Read More

RV Podcast #304: Rising COVID fears and RV Travel

Rising COVID fears and RV Travel uncertainty are causing RVers to stay closer to home and be much more cautious in their plans for the rest of the summer and into fall. As the nation once again finds COVID rates dramatically rising, RVers are wondering what to do with summer travel plans. “Should we stay or […]Read More

RV Podcast #302: A handy RV toll road pass

In this jampacked 302nd Episode of the RV Podcast: We’ll learn about a handy RV toll road pass. We’ll also share the most important questions you should ask when taking possession of a new RV and we’ll report the RV News of the week during these very challenging times. Here’s a player to the audio […]Read More

8 Super Easy Tips on How to Sell Your RV

This week on the RV Podcast, we give you inside tips on how to sell your RV. Don't get low balled from a dealer that offers to buy it or take it in as a trade-in. Sell it yourself! We did and the process couldn't have gone more smoothly. And in the process, we learned […]Read More

RV Podcast 282: How RVing Changed My Life

This week we meet the executive producer of a Discovery Channel show about the RV Life… who tells us how RVing has changed his life in the most unexpected way… Our guest is Anthony Nalli, who shares a behind the scenes look at the popular RVers TV series, as seen on the Discovery Channel and […]Read More

RV Podcast #281: A reality check about the fulltime RV life

It’s time for a reality check about fulltime RV Living. This week you’ll meet Kevin and Laura of Chapter3Travels.com, who have been fulltime RVers for nearly five years now and are known for telling it as it is. We’ll have a great discussion and talk candidly about why so many fulltimers come off the road, […]Read More

RV Podcast #279: Meet the RV Geeks

This week on the RV Podcast our special guests are the RV Geeks…Peter and John, hosts of the popular Discovery Channel TV series called the RVers and their own RV Geeks You Tube Channel, which teaches how to maintain and modify your RV. We’ll meet them, learn their fascinating back story and get some great […]Read More

The RV Podcast Meets Traveling Robert

This week on our RV Podcast interview of the week, we're going to continue our series of talking to other YouTubers and other bloggers who are out there covering the RV lifestyle. And I'm really excited to bring on as our special guest this week – Traveling Robert. He'll share his story and you'll get […]Read More

RV Bucket List Destinations for 2020

This week in the RV Podcast, we present the 2020 RV Bucket list. Each year at this time we ask our audience to call in and leave us a message about their RV travel plans for the New Year. And we have a lively assortment of them to play for you in the Interview of […]Read More

Keep Your Daydream and RV with Teenagers

Our guests in RV Podcast Episode 273 are Marc and Trish of Keep Your Daydream (see https://keepyourdaydream.com) who share the joys and challenges of RV Life with teenagers. We talk about education on the road, earning an income as a fulltime RV traveler and getting along, having fun and experiencing all the joys that come […]Read More

RVing with an infant

We have a fun episode in store for you this week as we welcome Heath Padgett to the podcast. Many of you know Heath and his wife Alyssa, the hosts of the RV Entrepreneur Website, YouTube Channel and Podcast. Heath and Alyssa are a young couple who have traveled all over North America as a […]Read More