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RV Trip Planning with RV Life Pro (Routes & Places to Stay)

If you want to make RV trip planning easier, we have some tips and tools for you. From the 330 Rule to our favorite RV trip planner apps…

Living an RV Lifestyle is an adventure. But even if you are the wandering type (like me), it can still be beneficial to put some energy into planning your trip. 

Planning can help you get to your destination on time. It can also help you make an accurate budget for your adventure. And it can ensure you get to do everything you hope.

So, while I always recommend you leave room in your itinerary for serendipity, I also recommend the following tips and RV trip planning tools. They can help you customize a route that is perfect for you and your rig. And save you a bundle in gas and campground fees!

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Top Tips for RV Trip Planning

RV Trip Planning with RV Life Pro (Routes & Places to Stay)

RV trip planning can be stressful and overwhelming. Sometimes, you don’t even know where to start. How much time do you need? How far can you drive in a day? How do we know the best route?

Well, the following will help get you pointed in the right direction!

Leave Room for Serendipity

Jennifer and I consider ourselves serendipitous travelers. This means we only like to have a loose plan that leaves room for exploring.

If we see something cool worth checking out, we will! Even if that means we do some re-planning along the way. 

If we don’t do this, we’ve learned that we get hyper-focused on following the itinerary and miss out on great opportunities. You never know what you’ll encounter on the road, and you don’t want to push past it because you’re following a strict schedule and plan.

So, we’ve learned over time to leave room in our plans for serendipity. Whenever we do any RV trip planning, we give ourselves plenty of wiggle room to explore.

How do we do this? We use the 330 rule…

How Far Should You Travel in a Day? (330 Rule)

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Once you know your destination, you can start planning your RV trip. You first need to know how far you will be traveling. That will help determine how many days you need to be on the road. 

That is where something called the “330 Rule” comes into play. The 330 Rule goes like this:

  • Do not travel more than 330 miles in a single day 


  • Do not travel past 3:30 pm. 

We know that there are exceptions to every rule. But this is our thinking behind the 330 Rule.

Traveling more than 330 miles in a single day makes you more likely to become fatigued. It also helps you combat “sitting disease” and the frustration you will feel with a late set-up. Overall, limiting your driving to 330 miles per day can help you feel healthier and happier. 

We also like to get to where we are going by 3:30 pm. That gives us a little time to set up and settle in. We can enjoy dinner and check out the town a little bit. 

RV Trip Planning with RV Life Pro (Routes & Places to Stay) 1
Mike’s favorite hoodie and beanie in navy – perfect for those crisp RV Lifestyle days!

How To Plan the Perfect Route with RV LIFE Pro

Next up is planning the route. Jennifer and I use a planning tool that we discovered a while back. And we love it! So much so that we became partners with them so our followers can save 25% with the discount code RVLIFESTYLE.

It is called RV LIFE Pro

We know there are other great tools and apps available to you. If you already have one that you really like, then by all means use it! If you do not have one, then this is a great option. 

We like the RV LIFE Pro app suite because it comes with four tools in one! They are: 

  1. RV LIFE Trip Wizard
  2. RV LIFE Campground Reviews
  3. RV LIFE App (RV-Safe GPS)
  4. RV LIFE Maintenance Tracker

RV LIFE Trip Wizard is especially helpful as an RV trip planner tool. It can create unique routes based on your rig’s height and weight, helping you avoid dangerous low clearances, steep grades, propane restrictions, and weight limits. 

It basically takes the guesswork out of routing your rig and saves you many hours tracking down information piece by piece. 

RV Trip Planning with RV Life Pro (Routes & Places to Stay) 2

You Can Implement the 330 Rule in the App

Another feature is its use of “distance rings.” They show you the spot you will be at your travel day’s end. You can look at the area you’ll end up in and check out interesting sites and campgrounds nearby. 

The best thing is that the distance rings are customizable. If you want to follow my 330 rule, then you can set that as your distance and let the app do the routing work for you. 

Help with RV Trip Budgeting

The RV WIzard also helps you budget for your trip, which I am sure comes in handy with the rising cost of traveling! (Inflation is another story, but I am sure we have all recently felt the all-mighty dollar’s pinch recently!) 

This tool can help estimate gas costs as well as campground fees. It will also update as you make changes to your trip!

And, if you are staying close to home because gas is too costly right now to drive any great distance, then the app can help you find some cool spots to check out. 

Where to Stay? 

The RV LIFE PRO app suite includes RV Life Campground Reviews which, you can probably guess, has campground reviews. Over 400,000 of them!

Jennifer and I like this feature because it contains reviews left by real RVers. You get honest pros and cons about different spots in the US from people that have actually stayed there. 

Cost of RV LIFE Pro

RV Life Pro (currently) costs $59 per year if you purchase the annual membership (less than $5 per month). The annual membership also comes with a 7-day free trial. The monthly subscription is (currently) $19.99 per month and does not include a 7-day free trial. BUT NOTE the discount code below!

In all honesty, just one of these tools is easily worth $5 per month, let alone all four combined. That is why I don’t hesitate to say that RV LIFE Pro is worth the money for most RVers.

And this is important – if you want to enjoy using all the RV Life Pro tools add this coupon code: RVLIFESTYLE which gives you 25% off the price! If you already use RV Life Pro – your cost is already low and locked in.

–> Note that discount codes must be entered on a computer – if you try to sign up with the mobile app, there is no place to put the coupon code. <–

Use this link for a discount:

Looking for exciting RV trip ideas and travel suggestions?

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