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RV Show and Tell: Our indoor/outdoor thermometer and clock

Reader Gene wrote: Some time back you talked about adding an indoor-outdoor thermometer to your RT. What kind was it? and how well did it work out? I have been having poor luck with the ones I have tried.”

It’s easier to do a show and tell sometimes…. so here it is.

We’ve had out unite for two years now and it has worked great.

As I noted on the vdeo, ours bears brand name “Sloscan.” Amazon lists my Sloscan model as sold by a company named Sykscan. Confusing? Yup. At any rate, Amazon says my Sloscan model is unavailable and they don’t know when it will again be available.

There is a website for a company called SkyScan and it looks like they sell the same “SloScan” unit I have at Target, Sams Club and Kohls. I checked to see if it was available in those stores with no success.

Perhaps a better bet now that my unit is apparently no longer being sold would be to look at very similar clocks from LaCrosse. They have several models that look very much like the one we’ve had in our Roadtrek for the past couple of years.


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