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RV Recipe: No fuss Chicken Chili

Use the stapes in the RV Pantry

My RV pantry and spice cupboard held the makings of great chili. 
I added a dash or two of additional spices, got my can opener out and heated the tasty combination of ingredients together on the RV Galley stovetop. 
I give you my word this recipe is not only good it is fantastic! 
I decided I'd share this simple recipe with fellow RV'ers and a few ways that I adapted the leftovers to fix a quick snack/lunch and even make a dip the next evening that we enjoyed with some raw vegetables.
The canned goods I used for the recipes below are all staples that I keep on board.  The flavors come together nicely in the recipe below –  so well in fact it actually tastes homemade!
photo of chicken chili

Before getting to the recipe… here are some interesting chili facts

The difference between chilichilli, and chile, is usually a matter of location. In American English, “chili” is the most common spelling for the spicy peppers as well as the stew and hotdog topping. In British English the preferred spelling is “chilli.” In Spanish speaking countries and regions of the US, “chile” is the most common variant. source Websters Dictionary

Fun Chili trivia

National Chili Day in the US is February 23.
A green chili pod has as much vitamin C as six oranges. 
Some cultures put chili powder in their shoes to keep their feet warm. 
Hot chili peppers burn calories by triggering a thermodynamic burn in the body, which speeds up the metabolism
Chili pepper color is a function of ripeness. Green peppers are usually not fully ripe and the same pepper could be green, yellow, orange, or red depending on its level of ripeness.
Some Chile history
Chili's are thought to have been grown and used in cooking to enhance the flavor of foods, dating back to almost 7000 years ago. 
More recent dates of interest include:
September 2, 1519, First Chili con carne recipe on record according to Wikipedia
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Mike Wendland

Published on 2020-10-30

Mike Wendland is an Emmy award-winning journalist, traveler, and producer of RV Podcast, the RV Lifestyle travel blog, and the RV Lifestyle Channel on YouTube. Mike, traveling with his wife Jennifer and their Norwegian Elkhound, Bo, has vast experience and a great passion for exploring North America, previously working as a long-time NBC-TV News Channel Technology Correspondent and now sharing his love for the RV lifestyle with millions. Mike is not only an adept RV life enthusiast but also a skillful storyteller, bringing to his channels stories from the road that perfectly capture the magic and hardships of this lifestyle.

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