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RV Recalls and High Fuel Prices to Impact Summer RV Travel

| Updated May 17, 2022

The summer 2022 RV Travel season promises to be extremely challenging thanks to a spate of RV recalls and sky-high fuel prices.

Those are the main topics that we focus on in this week's Episode 396 of the RV Podcast.

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Huge list of RV Recalls involving LP gas fittings

rv recalls
Thousands of RV Recalls have been issued for bad LP gas fittings

Thousands of RVs from model years 2021 through 2023 are under RV recalls for a fire risk with the quick disconnect fittings in the LP gas system.

Eight RV manufacturers, 37 models, and 22,021 RVs have dangerous RV cracked and porous LP gas fittings that federal authorities say can lead to a fire

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the federal agency in charge of vehicle safety recalls, announced the fittings were made by Texas-based Flex Tech with contaminated brass. They were made in Flex Tech’s Goshen, IN factory and sent to various RV manufacturers.

While the brass fittings may appear perfectly normal, contamination in the brass created a weakness in the metal in such a way that when tightening the fitting, it can crack and LP gas may escape.

Obviously, a gas leak in the presence of an ignition source can increase the risk of a fire, which can lead to injury or death.

Although the NHTSA announced the RV recalls, letters from the manufacturers to owners of the affected RVs are not expected to be sent out until July 1.

This means that getting those RVs checked out and new fitting installed is going to add significantly to the already maxed-out repair schedules of RV repair facilities. Getting their units in for service is undoubtedly going to interrupt the travel plans of thousands.

List of companies affected by the RV Recalls

For the following companies, the problem is all the same: The quick disconnect fittings in the LP gas system may be cracked, causing a gas leak.

  • KZRV, L.P. (KZRV) is recalling 14,524 2021-2022 KZRV SportTrek, Sonic, Stratus, Connect, Sportsmen, Sportsmen SE, Sportsmen Classic, and Sportsmen Sportster fifth-wheel and travel trailers.
  • Thor Motor Coach (TMC) is recalling 3,374 2022 Scope, Tellaro, Sanctuary, Delano, Sequence, Tranquility, Rize, Synergy, Quantum, Magnitude, Geneva, Compass, Chateau, Four Winds, and 2022-2023 Tiburon, and Gemini vehicles.
  • Highland Ridge RV (Highland Ridge) is recalling 2,362 2021-2022 Mesa Ridge, Mesa Ridge XLT, Mesa Ridge S-Lite, Open Range, Open Range Roamer, and Open Range Lite fifth-wheel and travel trailers.
  • Jayco, Inc. (Jayco) is recalling 838 2021-2022 Northpoint, Pinnacle, and Seismic fifth-wheel travel trailers
  • Starcraft RV (Starcraft) is recalling 785 2022 Super Lite and Super Lite Maxx travel trailers.
  • DRV Suites (DRV) is recalling 88 2022 DRV Mobile Suites and Full House fifth-wheel recreational vehicles.
  • Cruiser RV (Cruiser) is recalling 24 2022 Cruiser Shadow Cruiser travel trailers.
  • Heartland Recreational Vehicles, LLC (Heartland) is recalling 26 2022 Heartland Fuel travel trailers.

According to attorney Ron Burge, who runs the website, writing in RV Travel, when one company makes the same exact part for many RV manufacturers and they make it wrong, the defect can affect thousands of RV owners. The higher risk here is that recall notices are not even scheduled to go out until July 1, putting thousands of RVers at risk in the meantime.

Burge says that if your RV is affected, call your RV dealer for more information.

Worries mount over high fuel prices and talk of $10 a gallon diesel

The biggest story likely to affect the 2022 RV travel season has to be the continuing rise in fuel prices.

As the Memorial Day weekend approaches, the 2022 RV travel season will be getting into full swing. And thus, many in our community will be experiencing for the first time what I believe to be the single biggest threat now facing the RV Lifestyle – high fuel prices.

For many, the cost of RV travel this year has almost doubled over what it was even last year. And this is on top of runaway inflation that has seen unprecedented price rises in every other part of the economy.

Sadly, no relief is in sight.

Gasoline prices set a new record high last week, with the average price for a gallon of gasoline $4.45 as of Saturday, and the average price of diesel $5.56 per gallon.

RV Recalls and High Fuel Prices to Impact Summer RV Travel 1

These directly affect RV travel. Many RVers are now greatly curtailing or outright canceling their travel plans for the season.

But it is the spike in diesel fuel (used by many RVs) that is causing the most alarm.

Leading energy economist Phil Verleger worries that the tight supply could send the average US price of diesel to $10 a gallon by the end of the summer. In New York, the situation is so dire that the CEO of United Refining Co., says he “wouldn't be surprised to see diesel being rationed on the East Coast this summer.”

Prices in the Northeast are all well over $6 a gallon, and in a half-dozen states in New England as well as New York the prices have more than doubled over the last year.

The supplies of diesel are very tight, particularly in the Northeast, where inventories are at a record low based on data that goes as far back as 1990. Supplies have dropped 36% since the week of February 25, when Russia invaded Ukraine, and are nearly 50% below where they stood a year ago.

Executives for Pilot Company, which operates more than 750 locations across the U.S. and Canada, and Love's Travel Stops, a chain of more than 500 truck stops across the country, have notified customers that they're scrambling to provide the diesel they need and that spot shortages may occur.

As noted above, there is no end in sight.

How do RVers feel about these challenges?

high fuel prices

I've been collecting email from RVers about what effects these challenges pose to their summer travel plans.

Here are some of the responses I've received:

This is a terrible time across the nation. My travels have been put on hold. Who knows if we can get diesel in the location you might be traveling – Larry

We plan to travel to West Virginia in the fall, but for now we will camp closer to home.  The gas situation is ridiculous! – Doria

Yellowstone NP is one of our favorite destinations, so Jan 1st I was online getting a reservation for the first opportunity at Fishing Bridge on May 28th!  But as the date was getting closer, and the Cost of everything going higher and higher, we reconsidered even going and just doing local trips this year.  A friend who is not well and mostly laid-up with medical problems told us, ‘no, you have to go …  prices be damned! You never know if you'll be able to go next year'.   So we are leaving soon, even while snow is on the ground in Yellowstone, to visit our favorite beautiful place on earth. – Mary

My wife Sandy and I bought our first RV a year ago and made short trips, mostly to WI where our extended family lives (we live in MN). This year we plan to add one longer trip to NH to visit friends sometime this Summer or Fall. Gas prices are an issue, but we are a couple of years from retirement and want to use this time to decide how much the RV lifestyle is for us. We would like to check out TN at some point as a potential retirement base but that may be a next year trip. We own a Thor Compass B+ class RV and didn’t buy it just to take up space in our driveway:-). – Bill and Sandy

Though we don’t like the high gas prices this will not stop us from going where we want to go. Me and my husband are late sixties early seventies with some health issues. No time to waste worrying about gas prices! – via text

Yes, now we know how it feels to spend $100. at the pump. We had only 240 miles on the odometer on our 05 Chevrolet Roadtrek. That figures to be $.416 per mile. That is the first time in my 83 years that I have put $100 of fuel in any vehicle. But we are not going to let this fuel crisis dictate our travels and have decided we will do and go where ever we chose and whenever we chose. I'm turning 84 Aug.7 and we are planning a trip up the east coast from Florida to Virgina and then on to Franklin NC on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We will have no campground reservations and are going to play it my ear and overnight where ever we can find a place. Harvest Host, Boondockers Welcome, and where ever else we can find an overnight stay. That is our story and we are sticking to it. -Doug & Ric 

We have found that our fuel costs have almost doubled , We were lucky to find a 35 ft Jayco 5th wheel on a lake front lot. We bought it and put our travel trailer up for sale. Within 48 hours we had bought the 5th wheel and sold our 3 yr old travel trailer.  We are trying out being season campers. The cost of the seasonal lot vs cost of fuel, which will be cheaper. – Scott

Here in Oregon, we have decided to keep our trips to the Pacific NW. We are on fixed incomes and when it comes to fuel costs it is really putting a crimp on how far we really want to go. We did cancel our trip to Jackson Hole hoping to make that trip next year. I’m really looking more and more at doing some boondocking to help with campground costs. I need to purchase your guide to boondocking. In these trying times, we are trying to do our best to get out and enjoy our trailer.  – Mike

What are your thoughts on RV Recalls and High Fuel Prices

We invite you to share your thought in the comments below. Please, though, be courteous to each other and no politics.

RVers are frustrated and angry and it is inevitable that they want to vent. That is understandable and that is why we are here… to come together as a group and share our experiences. But anger and frustration can all too easily result in name-calling and politics.

We are not about that.

So please, in your comments, refrain from finger-pointing, name-calling and politics. By all means, let’s talk about high fuel costs. What are they in your area? How can we find ways to travel in our RV to minimize the effects? Where and how can we find great RV destinations closer to home? What are the best driving practices to get better mileage? How have we changed our travel plans this year?

Thanks for being here. And while we don’t know what the 2022 RV travel season will be like, we can all try to make it the best we can.

Happy Trails!

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RV Recalls and High Fuel Prices to Impact Summer RV Travel 2

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Mike Wendland

Published on 2022-05-18

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

20 Responses to “RV Recalls and High Fuel Prices to Impact Summer RV Travel”

May 20, 2022at10:59 am, Janet Nelson said:

Take this opportunity to explore closer to home. Living in the beautiful state of Michigan, I am able to find great camping opportunities close to home. I am sure other states have similar opportunities. We all have invested a lot in our RV’s so don’t waste energy worrying about fuel prices.


May 21, 2022at2:13 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Well said, Janet! No reason to give up camping – explore closer to home. Thanks for sharing. Team RV Lifestyle


May 18, 2022at5:29 pm, Harry Asbury said:

We are planning a cross-country trip this summer to help daughter and grandsons move from Florida to San Diego. Budgeting $3,000 for round trip diesel fuel is frightening! But we will travel comfortably, avoid hotels, and eat home-cooked meals. I still think it’s a good deal.


May 18, 2022at5:26 pm, Frank Anthony said:

Some should reconsider how they travel. On blogger couple recently reviewed their annual travels. Given their mileage – they traveled the equivalent of crossing the US 2 1/2 times in one year! And then complained about fuel prices??? I can see traveling annually to follow the seasons, but consider smelling the roses and seeing stuff along the way rather than crossing half the country to go somewhere, then crossing the country again for some other event/site. Heck, I can stay in my own state and not see everything in one year that there is to see. There are also those that simply don’t appear to care – this year I’ve seen many giant RV’s towing full sized picku-up trucks! There was a time when one looked for the smallest toad to pull behind one’s RV.


May 20, 2022at9:31 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for commenting, Frank. Slowing down and traveling shorter distances is a great strategy for continuing the RV Lifestyle as fuel costs rise. Team RV Lifestyle


May 18, 2022at4:56 pm, Roger Bohnke said:

Add Winnebago to the recall list. Certain ‘2021-‘2023 Winnebago Ekko motorhomes and several of the Winnebago travel trailer lines were just added. The recall is expanding!


May 20, 2022at9:29 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Sorry to hear this. Thanks for sharing. Team RV Lifestyle


May 18, 2022at12:51 pm, Rey Lavalle said:

I’ve always heard that diesel fuel is less costly to refine than gasoline. If so, why is it so much more costly at the pump?


May 19, 2022at10:03 am, maureen fletcher said:

I’m no expert but my logic tells me its supply greed of the Oil Companies.
The diesel is in high demand for the tanks over in the Ukrane and Russia driving up the prices. Why would there be a shortage of diesel in the US where lots is produced? Greed
I believe it is a forced inflation from the oil companies.


May 18, 2022at10:38 am, Dr Mike said:

Great (but sad) article.
We are still making our 2000 mile trip next week. We are estimating $1400 for fuel and another $400 for other things (campground fees, food….), but…..we will be away for 17 days. That is only about $100/day.
The article discusses fuel prices, but even an oil change is getting expensive. With taxes and fees, Cummins is charging almost $1500. One issue that may benefit from the high fuel prices- last minute campground reservations may be possible.

Be safe out there

Dr. Mike


May 18, 2022at10:34 am, Laura Wilson said:

If you change your mind and travel plans PLEASE cancel your campground reservations!!! Make sure those sites are available for other campers if you know you are not going to use them.


May 18, 2022at10:44 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Good point, Laura! thanks for adding this – Team RV Lifestyle


May 18, 2022at9:19 am, Mike McKie said:

People need to read and understand how politics and policies impact our daily lives. Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, the decisions made in Washington matter. Make time to read and educate yourself while on your next trip. Just keep in mind, censorship is real.


May 18, 2022at9:18 am, Jeffrey Oja said:

Good article. I have a Grand Design TT, and I also am under a recall for the propane regulator. However… it’s been about 2 1/2 MONTHS since contacting my dealer to have it replaced, and it’s on backorder. No restock date in sight. If GD orders a recall, they should put their “parts where their mouth is…”


May 18, 2022at10:43 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

That is a long wait. Thanks for sharing this, Jeffrey — Team RV Lifestyle


May 18, 2022at8:48 am, Cindy Martin said:

In regards to the recall, we received a letter a few months ago telling us about the issue & stating that we would receive more info with instructions on getting it replaced. When we heard nothing more, we moved forward & got a replacement through our propane provider. Money out of our pocket but worth it for safety & peace of mind. One concern may be the supply of replacements.


May 18, 2022at9:22 am, Jeffrey Oja said:

Our dealer told me that I can’t replace my regulator on my own due to the fact that is was mandated by the National Transportation Safety Board. Dealers are the ONLY people that are authorized to do the replacement.


May 18, 2022at10:42 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Sounds like you did a wise thing. Thanks for sharing, Cindy – Team RV Lifestyle


May 18, 2022at7:36 am, Carol Connell said:

While I don’t like the fuel prices or recalls, there will always be something that is concerning that may require people to reschedule or cancel plans. Don’t miss out on lifetime adventures because of what may be – it may never happen. Don’t cancel plans unless you just can’t afford it (been there, done that). And please, if you have one of the RVs that are being recalled and can’t get it in for service, DO NOT USE YOUR QUICK CONNECT!


May 18, 2022at10:42 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks, Carol! Team RV Lifestyle


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