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RV Lifestyle Gatherings back on for New Orleans and California

| Updated Jan 22, 2019

OK, the RV Lifestyle gatherings are back on, this time without corporate sponsorship but organized by our own members, much as happened with our recent winter campout in the snow-covered Upper Peninsula of northern Michigan.

What does that mean?

It means you book your own spot and show up and know that you will be camping and hanging out with other members of the RV Lifestyle community. As always, campers in any kind of RV or towable trailer or even tents are welcome!

Here are the details, with a special thanks to Lisa Gruner and Mary Jane Curry for stepping up to make sure these gatherings happened after the Erin Hymer Group – preoccupied by some corporate issues – had to drop out of their organizing role. Better book fast to get your spot!

An RV Lifestyle New Orleans Gathering – March 21-25

Join us for a gathering n RV Lifestyle gathering March 21-25 where we will discover some of New Orleans oldest and newest traditions – and make some of our own! History, music, art, culture, food, voodoo; the Big Easy has it all, and we’re going to do our best to see it all or maybe just relax at the campground!

RV Lifestyle Gatherings back on for New Orleans and California 1We will be camping at Bayou Segnette State Park, just a twenty-five minute drive across the Mississippi River to New Orleans. All sites will have water and electrical hook-up, and there is a dump-site, shower, bath facilities and even free laundry on site. Bayou Segnette has something for everyone – fishing, canoeing, hiking, bird-watching, and an ecosystem that shows off plants, trees and wildlife from both swamp and marshland. 

This event is planned to fill the void after Roadtrek canceled their New Orleans event. Without Roadtrek’s sponsorship for the event, we make our own reservations and there aren’t any planned group activities such as tours. So all activities will be our responsibility. There isn’t a fixed schedule although plans are in the works to do a potluck (maybe a crawfish boil?) or two, identifying places to book tours, ferry trips into New Orleans, local spots to visit, and so much more.  Some of the plans depend on how many folks book a site.  So stay tuned.

The New Orleans Gathering is open to all those who reserve a site at the campground whether you camp in a Class A, Class C, Class B, tent, or whatever! And as of January 21st, we have 19 rigs signed up.  Don’t you want to join us?

You can reserve your site at: –

Be sure to post in comments below to let Lisa Gruner know your site number.  That’ll help with logistics later on especially when we set up a private Facebook group for participants.

An RV Lifestyle Pismo Beach Gathering – May 2-6, 2019

Join us May 2-6 in Pismo Beach, California for a RV Livestyle gathering in Pismo. Private spaces are available for a casual get together – no group sponsoring, no host, no scheduled events or meals but lots of fun to be had together!

RV Lifestyle Gatherings back on for New Orleans and California 2Relax in luxury at the beautiful Pismo Coast Village RV Resort, where you’ll enjoy full hook-ups -electrical, water and sewer service. Mini-golf, shuffle-board, ping-pong and horseshoe pits are all available onsite, along with a swimming pool, bicycle rentals and an onsite laundromat. There’s even an arcade for those of you who have yet to conquer the elusive Pac-Man.

This event is planned to fill the void after Hymer canceled their Pismo Beach event.  Mary and Jeff Curry have booked a site and there may be spaces still available if you hurry and reserve a space at Pismo Coast Village RV Resort (1-888 RV Beach or 1 805 773 1811 or filling in the spaces vacant now that were reserved for the Gathering. Call and make your reservations quickly as this is a popular RV park and an amazing weekend to be on the Central Coast.

This would be a casual get together, no scheduled classes, demos or etc. It will be a time to visit, hang out and see this beautiful area! The vintage VW campers will be in town, local wine tasting, Farmers Market in Avila and much more to see and explore. If you are interested act quickly! This is a NO host event!

Send  a note in comments below if you make reservations and Mary Jane Curry will plan some fun together! Although this is a casual explore on your own gathering it will be fun. Some Potlucks and Social hours are planned. Come join the leisure time by the surf and sand. Send me your e mail and I'll start a Facebook page for attendees.

This Gathering is open to all those who reserve a site at the resort whether you camp in a Class A, Class C, Class B, etc so basically whatever the resort allows! Don’t you want to join us?


Mike Wendland

Published on 2019-01-22

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

19 Responses to “RV Lifestyle Gatherings back on for New Orleans and California”

February 23, 2019at11:15 am, Pogo said:

The Godfather of the Gulf is going to attend the Naw’lins gathering

Someone offered my a whole Muffaletta I couldn’t refuse


February 05, 2019at7:17 pm, carole shuey said:

I booked 1006 for New Orleans. I guess this is where we let you know of my attendance.
carole shuey

January 29, 2019at2:11 pm, Helen Daley said:

Just called the Pismo Beach RV Park to reserve my spot at the gathering in May. Glad to hear this gathering is back on again as I had booked earlier then got notice of the cancellation and refund. The lady who processed my booking was not aware of the gathering, so not sure if my reserved spot is one of the allotted sites for the gathering.

January 28, 2019at8:19 am, Mark Hopkins said:

C1060 for Hitch and Hopkins

January 24, 2019at8:31 pm, Lynda Stankavage said:

C1003 for NOLA

January 23, 2019at6:39 pm, Kathleen Darling said:

I made the reservation today for Pismo Beach.

January 26, 2019at6:51 pm, Mary Jane Curry said:

Wonderful! Will be great to see you again and catch up… Since the registration does not cover anything other than the RV space and is being paid directly by participants… our casual get together is just that. The facebook page for the get together is: Pismo Beach Get Together May 2 – 6 2019

Volunteers and “Free activity ideas are appreciated!

Mary Jane

January 23, 2019at4:14 pm, Liz Kelly-Catherwood said:

Bob and I are all set for Pismo Beach. It’s going to be fun.

January 26, 2019at6:48 pm, Mary Jane Curry said:

Wonderful! I saw your e mail or PM. Awesome. Volunteers are Welcome as we are all signing up for the RV Park on our own and no added costs obtained for food and activities. Consider volunteering some “free activity” and Potluck ideas on the facebook page @: Pismo Beach Get Together May 2 – 6 2019

Mary Jane

January 23, 2019at3:05 pm, Dave Steinheider said:

Helen, Percy and I are reserved for both. C1029 in the Bayou Segnette State Park. Don’t see a spot on the Pismo Beach reservation.

January 26, 2019at6:45 pm, Mary Jane Curry said:

The Pismo Gathering facebook page is: Pismo Beach Get Together May 2 – 6 2019

I saw Helen suggested a session for newbies to come and learn some information from more seasoned folks regarding their rigs and that you may be interested in heading this up! Great… Let me know. Dave my e mail is another way to reach me in addition to the facebook page:

January 23, 2019at9:34 am, Anne Delfin said:

Reserved site C1089 at Bayou Segnette State Park – Pleasure-Way

February 14, 2019at11:02 am, Anne Delfin said:

Had to cancel.

January 22, 2019at7:14 pm, Sharon and Al Venezia said:

Al and I reserved a spot at Pismo gathering.

January 26, 2019at6:41 pm, Mary Jane Curry said:

Super! See you there. Since we will be a casual group and not funded by an outside source… Participants ideas for “free” activities and Volunteers are Welcome! the facebook page is: Pismo beach get together May 2 – 6 2019. Mary Jane

January 22, 2019at7:11 pm, Lori Etelamaki said:

Lori and Dean reserved site 38 in New Orleans, Roadtrek

January 22, 2019at7:17 pm, Lisa Gruner said:

38 or 1038 at Bayou Segnette State Park.

January 22, 2019at9:13 am, Cora and Joe Temnick said:

Joe and I reserved a spot for the Pismo Beach gathering. Maybe we’ll get to New Orleans next year.

January 26, 2019at6:38 pm, Mary Jane Curry said:

Great! I saw your e mail/PM. 🙂 Mary Jane

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