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RV Lifestyle Community

As an extra resource to this blog, we have added a completely new platform totally dedicated to discussions and helpful information for RV, Camping and Outdoor Enthusiasts – The RV Lifestyle Community.

rv lifestyle community

We'd like to invite you to join us in this exciting community. 

But first some background.

About 12 years ago, we started The RVLifestyle Facebook Group where real RVers could gather with others to share their enthusiasm for camping and help one another out. Whether it was posting pictures and details from an amazing trip, sharing RV hacks and tips, or asking questions when something isn't working quite right, the RVLifestyle Facebook Group was a place many come.

Today it has over 270,000 members.

But as our group there grew, Facebook grew exponentially bigger. And with the immensity of Facebook, all too often things can get, well, frustrating.

There's censorship (ever try to post about your Keystone Bullet? Facebook won't let you), changing rules (FB policies change continually- ever try to use the word ugly? FB may not let you), Social Media meanness (not sure what it is about Social Media, but it does attract more than its fair share), and there are just a lot of things happening behind the scenes like disturbing privacy policies that see its users content shared and sold to thir parties.

That is why we launched our own unrestricted online community without all those issues. And we'd like to invite you to join us right now.

Our new platform is linked to this blog, which means it is free and will remain that way. It will also be run by us, meaning we can let our members talk about their “Keystone Bullet,” and use the word “ugly.”

And we can better keep the social media meanness at bay.

The RV Lifestyle Community is FOR RVers, By RVers. It is a helpful resource where you can ask questions, share tips, get advice and help one another without the drama and challenges of Facebook.

It’s up and accessible now.

RV Lifestyle Community 1

Please become a member,  post about your adventures, share photos and join in the discussions in the various groups.

To do so simply go to https://community.rvlifestyle. Once inside, set up your account, post a profile picture, tell others what you camp in/how long you have been camping, where you are from, and then go to the various discussion groups.

We believe RVers are some of the kindest, most generous and sincere people you'll find anywhere. There is something special about camping that breaks down differences and brings out the best in all of us.

We believe this new community reflects all of this and is a valuable resource for the RV community that literally gets better with every post.

Please explore. Send us your feedback. We will be regularly adjusting and refining and tweaking this as we get your comments.

And for the record, while we hope this new community really takes off, we have no plans to shut down this Facebook Group. It will continue as always. But please come be a part our new community. We think you will like it.

  • Mike and Jennifer Wendland

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