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Roadtrek adds new Class B RV model on the ProMaster Chassis

| Updated Nov 18, 2014

At the Roadtrek Motorhome factory in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada the other day, I was able to get some details and video of a brand new model that will be built on the ProMaster chassis used around the world as a rugged and reliable cargo van.

This new ProMaster RV model will most definitely not look like a cargo van. Roadtrek has added great design and styling features as well as a sleek paint job that Roadtrek President Jim Hammill says “immediately sets this apart from the marketplace.”

The new motorhome was still under construction when I spotted it on the factory floor but I was able to get Hammill to talk about it in general terms. I promised not to reveal it's name until it is officially introduced at the Recreational Vehicle Institute Association's big trade show in Louisville the first week of December. I can say that the name embodies outdoor adventure and the spirit of exploration that so many RVers epitomize as they visit national parks across the U.S. and Canada.

Besides the normal RV-type water and electrical hookups and tanks, galley, bathroom and propane systems, here are some of the features and options this new ProMaster RV model will have:

  • solar panels
  • A power sofa
  • Roof top air
  • Awning
  • A 2000 watt inverter
  • Thule power steps

Pricing will start, said Hammill, at around $79,000, immediately making it one of the most affordable Class B motorhomes on the market.

Design he said, is geared towards RVers with an active lifestyle who like to travel with their outdoor toys, like bicycles and kayaks and the like.

The new model will have a shorter production time than Roadtrek's current motorhomes that are constructed on the Chevrolet Express Van and Mercedes Sprinter chassis. The first production units will be built the first week of January, Hammill said.

Check out the video for my show and tell.

Jennifer and I will be at the Louisville show and we'll cover the introduction of this model and other RV news here on the blog and in special podcasts that will run each day of the show.



Mike Wendland

Published on 2014-11-18

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

17 Responses to “Roadtrek adds new Class B RV model on the ProMaster Chassis”

November 24, 2014at11:52 am, Marty Heiss said:

Looks nice, wondering if it will have a generator available as well as solar power?

November 21, 2014at9:03 am, Mike Wendland said:

I think you will all be pleasantly surprised by the final reveal coming in Louisville!

November 20, 2014at3:20 pm, Cathy Fickas Rawlins said:

We just had our 2009 RS Adventurous outfitted with solar panels by AM Solar in Springfield, OR. They have the latest technology and a knowledgeable, friendly staff. Highly recommended.

November 19, 2014at3:31 am, Dorothy White said:

Man I wish I had the money to buy a new one of these set up the way you do. Would be wonderful.

November 18, 2014at11:56 pm, Oscar Blabagno Jr said:

Hope the floor plan is better than Winnebago

November 18, 2014at8:17 pm, Doug Paton Jr said:

Why have an rv show and not open it to the public????

November 18, 2014at7:18 pm, Yvonne Lovold Westphal said:

How about “Roughtrek”. To Vicki R, Gary might go for this.

November 18, 2014at7:12 pm, Roadtreking said:

The Louisville shw is not open to the pubic. Industry only

November 18, 2014at5:34 pm, Charmaine Wagner-Bell said:

Anyone know if the Louisville show is open to the general public?

November 18, 2014at5:00 pm, Vicki Rittner said:

My guess for the name of the newest Roadtrek . . . the Crossover. Anyone else? Jim H, if someone gets it right, do they get a free “whatchamacallit”? 🙂

November 18, 2014at11:48 am, Johnny Abogado said:

These solar panel should be standard to all RV units, on all makes & models..

November 18, 2014at11:29 am, Tony Magnanti said:

diesel option? please say yes! lol

November 18, 2014at11:25 am, Chris Harwood said:

As Sgt. Schultz used to say Verrrry Interesting…….

November 18, 2014at11:18 am, John Winters said:

What exactly does that solar panel operate? Does it keep the 12 volt system charged and how well does it work?

November 18, 2014at10:02 am, Joe Croteau said:

Lower price sound like the best part of this unit

November 18, 2014at10:02 am, Ben Molina said:

Will it come as a off road model as well.

November 18, 2014at9:42 am, Tess Carrillo said:

looking forward to this new model. can’t wait. thanks for the scoop.

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