Product idea for RV: Power strip with USB connections

One of the frustrations about RVing is having enough power outlets for all of our electronic gadgets.

Home Office Surge Protector from CyberPower

Here’s an easy solution. A small power strip with USB ports.

This one is the Home Office Surge Protector from CyberPower. It has six outlets and two USB ports. Why USB?  You can plug your cellphone, iPads and tablets directly in without the chunky power adapters.

Be sure not to overload any one outlet in your RV with to many high energy devices plugged into the strip. But for laptops, tablets, chargers and phones, this is very handy.

There are other brands besides CyberPower. Follow this link to see all that are available…all very affordable…and all very convenient

23 thoughts on “Product idea for RV: Power strip with USB connections”

  1. Wayne Stadtmiller

    This was nice to see about power strip’s. I understand you are doing this to help other RV’rs but you failed to mention one important factor. Most already know this but many new people purchasing a RV for first time and never even been in anything bigger than a VW Bug need more info. Although these do help you need to remember the outlet you plug it into can only handle a small amount of power. Most of the RV in one only one breaker or split uneaqully and you can easly trip or burn up the breaker if you overload the circuit,, I have been RV’ing for more than 30 years. info is always good but it has to be more detailed, there are a lot of people we meat in campgrounds and they are really confused. The dealers are part of problem they just want to sell RV. hope I did not offend you just want to see more info for the public thanks,,,

  2. Please Mike…don’t get TOO detailed. What I really like about your blog is that you speak to us, not at us, and you do not overwhelm us with details. We can always ask questions and get specifics of something if we don’t understand. I also really like your forum. What a great place for hand holding and help 🙂
    So, as to the gentleman’s note above… keep your reports just the way they are. We understand them!!! You are the greatest and this blog is my absolute favorite place in the Internet!

  3. That is the perfect solution for us. We have two phones (will go in the USB connections), a laptop and my electric shaver charger. This will untangle a mess of cords for us.

  4. Hi Lisa,
    That particular model is not yet available on Amazon. However, there are several other great options available. I’d look for one that is the size you need with at least 2 usb ports.

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