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Planning for the next RV year

| Updated Nov 4, 2013

Jennifer and I went to the local office supply store over the weekend and picked up a new planning calendar for 2014. It's one of those big, poster-sized ones with the entire year laid out in neat little blocks for each day of each month. It's erasable – a good thing with our propensity for last minute trips and change of plans – and right now, it's blank.

It's blank now. But not for long.

But we're about to start filling it in. We've gone through and listed all the places we want to go, the things we want to see, the people we want to meet and if we to start entering them all on our new calendar, there would be no space left.

We need to do some culling.

But, so far, here's what we're pretty agreed upon for our RV travel goals over the next year:

Next trip is Tuesday when I'll head up to the top of the Michigan Thumb and spend a couple night parked in the middle of a marsh doing somd duck hunting with a friend.

Then, Dec.3-5, we'll head to  the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association annual trade show in Louisville. This is an industry only show, not open to the public. We had planned to attend it last year but it just didn't work out. I was recuperating from a knee replacement and all that walking would have been tough. But this year, with my bionic knee, I'm more than ready.

Come the new year, we're planning a winter camping trip. Maybe Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, where the state DNR plows and keeps open about a dozen spots. We stayed there last year with 28 inches of snow on the ground and had a ball.

Come the 25fth of January, we're tentatively penciling in a trip to northern Minnesota to follow the mushers on the historic and legendary 400-mile long John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon. Our Roadtrek is equipped with amateur radio two-way communications and we've been asked to volunteer our Roadtrek and radio gear to help with communications in the northwoods wilderness out where the cell phone signals disappear.

In February, we're looking to hit the Gulf Coast, follow it to Gautier, MS and something called “Smokin' on the Bayou,” being organized by our Facebook Roadtreking Group buddy Paul “Pogo” Konowalchuk. After that event ends, we'll keep moving west to the Texas Hill Country and then Arizona to chase down several stories sent in by readers.

March 17-20, it will be the Family Motorcoach Association's Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase in Perry, GA.

Those are the trips planned over the next four months.

Then comes spring and summer where we want to visit Yellowstone, as we do every year, and then Glacier National Park. That far west, it would be nice to go all the way to the Oregon coast to see what our pal Campsjunk has been raving about.

Either late June or early September, we also want to do a big trip north and east to the Canadian maritimes.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico also has us intrigued for early October 5-13.

So many places.

We have several different colors of erasable ink to use on that big new wall planner. We'll list RV shows, unique festivals and special events that sound interesting in orange. Our must-attends will be in black. The potential trips not yet cemented down will be entered in red. And short weekend getaways that we can plan out will be in blue. Added to that will be special family events and holidays will be green.

And we'll keep the eraser handy.

This past year, we have put 33,000 miles on the Roadtrek eTrek.

Next year looks like it may even be more.



Mike Wendland

Published on 2013-11-04

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

17 Responses to “Planning for the next RV year”

October 30, 2014at10:37 am, Rick Ornberg Sr said:

As I hope to take delivery of my new 170 later next week, you can be sure some winter travel will be happening. So, for the first couple of months it will be more like being in my old pop-top, but a lot more comfortable. Liked your article, but for the occasional toilet needs, is using the pink stuff as a “chaser” the same as flushing with it from the fresh water tank or more of a “pee and pour” maneuver?

October 30, 2014at10:27 am, Mac Mcdonald said:

Put Crystal beach on the calendar

December 10, 2013at11:27 am, John Kirk said:

Pop the Finger Lakes on your bucket list, Mike. Take in Niagra Falls too! Great wine country.

December 10, 2013at10:28 am, Ellie said:

In the Texas Hill Country in Fredericksburg is the Pacific War Museum. We are glad we took friends’ advise and visited it.
Also in the area is one of Phil’s favorite…the
Cap Gun Museum, near the Enchanted Rock.

December 10, 2013at9:41 am, Catrien Vis said:

If you are planning the Maritimes trip I would suggest September over June.

November 22, 2013at7:39 am, Jack in Jax, N3FYP said:

Mike, I too would be interested in hearing you comment on Ham Radio is this day of abundant, alternative comm options. I’m assuming you were referring to a 2m rig and relying on repeaters, the the HF SSB rigs we’ve used when crossing oceans. Is Ham Radio passe’ these days, a buggy whip technology? If not, please tell us why.

November 12, 2013at10:02 am, john caplins said:

You mentioned you have HAM equipment in your RV. At some time you might write a bit about your rigs and antenna setup in the RT. Where you store it, how you power it, antenna, etc.

John – KC3LX

November 11, 2013at8:04 pm, Mort S. Cohan said:

Hi Mike and Jennifer,
If you come to the Canadian Maritimes in June please come a little earlier and join us at our Roadtrek Region 2 Cape Cod Rally. It will be held from June 8-11. We have already reserved space at Sweetwater Forest Camp Ground in Brewster, MA. Our Coast Guard Beach was named one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the US, two years in a row. I am now in the process of setting up the program. We should have a notice out in the January Newsletter. I would love to have you and Jennifer talk one evening about your travels. Three years ago we had 85 folks in 43 Roadtreks from 2 countries and 13 states including CA. Please consider adding us to your traveling plans. You can contact me by e-mail and I would be happy to talk to you about it.

Mort S. Cohan,
Region 2 VP-January, 2014

November 11, 2013at12:19 pm, Gary Hennes said:

Mike ,
Looking forward to seeing you up here for the Beargrease. Maybe some of our fellow “Trekies” from the Midwest can be encouraged to come out of hibernation, also.

At the moment, I’m sitting atop Palisade ahead outside Silver Bay , MN – overlooking Lake Superior 300′ below and watching an ore boat disappear over the horizon, headed down your way with a load of taconite for the steel mills. It’s a beautiful clear day with temps in the 2

November 07, 2013at8:11 am, Mike Wendland said:

Yes, Yosemite is on our list…maybe if we get out to Oregon we can swing down. But it’s right up there on our bucket list.

November 06, 2013at8:58 pm, dfrazier said:

Have you considered a trip to Yosemite?

November 06, 2013at9:50 am, Elizabeth said:

Hey Mike, If you need a place to park for the RV show, we’re just outside of Louisville on 12 acres backed up to forest. You might get a few deer or wild turkey staring in your windows, but otherwise, you’d have all the privacy you could imagine near a city. We also have a spare bedroom and bathroom for added luxury if you’re so inclined. (I’m sure the long hot shower might be a bonus even if you prefer to sleep in your Roadtrek)
Love to have you and Jennifer.

November 05, 2013at7:30 am, Roy Justis said:

Might catch up to you in Ft.Walton Beach in February.
Great stories, good tips and ideas plus destination ideas from someone traveling “large” and driving “small” .

November 04, 2013at8:06 pm, Charmaine said:

What are the dates of the “Smokin on the Bayou”? We’re heading to MS at the beginning of February. Might be a match??

November 04, 2013at7:15 pm, Katy in NH said:

Hi Mike and Jennifer

I was wondering how many nights in your Roadtrek those 33,000 miles represent?

I enjoy your blog tremendously!

Thanks, Katy

November 04, 2013at11:26 am, Judi Darin said:

Hope to meet you in Oregon! Maybe at Yan’s GTG in Silver Falls State Park?

November 04, 2013at8:38 am, Laura HP said:

Love your style. A year-at-a-glance is my kind of planning. Happy trails.

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