Where do you park your RV?

 Where do you park your RV?

The snow is gone and the five foot high banks that formed a wall along the driver's side of our Roadtrek has melted away.

As I look at it sitting there on it's special little apron in the driveway, I can almost hear it calling: “Take me someplace fun. Now.”

Mike's eTrek in the driveway waiting to head out

But when I snapped this photo yesterday, it got me wondering how and where most of you keep your RVs when at home. Most of the bigger Type C and Type A's, of course, need to have lots of room, and that usually entails a storage facility.

But Type B's can often be kept at home in the driveway, unless there are special zoning or neighborhood association rules prohibiting it. Since I drive the Roadtrek as a second vehicle when we're at home, ours gets almost daily use. That keeps critters like mice and squirrels from claiming it as theirs during long periods of inactivity.

Lately, I've used it as a wildlife blind, sitting inside and taking photos of the deer and turkeys that seem to think our landscaping is the animal world's equivalent of a Golden Corral.

A year or so ago, I hired an asphalt crew to add on a parking area for it. Then I had an electrician put in a 30 amp box next to it for Roadtreking friends who visit.

So,  where do you keep your RV?


Mike Wendland

Mike Wendland is a veteran journalist who, with his wife, Jennifer, travels North America in a small motorhome, blogging about the people, places, joys and adventure of RV life on the road at RVLifestyle.com. He and Jennifer also host the weekly RV Podcast and do twice-weekly videos on the YouTube RV Lifestyle Channel. They have written 10 books on RV travel.


  • Good morning Mike! Our snowbanks are down to about 6′ around the driveway and all of the baby pine trees in the piney woods are starting to pop out of the snow. Lake Superior’s 80+% ice coverage is starting to move and the streams are running. Our camper lives in a storage building in the woods behind our house and as soon as the frost is out of the road to it we are going up the North Shore to check out all of the waterfalls. We put in a 30 amp outlet up in the woods for friends too. It comes in handy. Keep on trekking, Bigfoot Dave

  • I’m planning to use that 30 amp connection in your woods this summer,Dave! The north shore is calling us!

  • Mike, we keep ours in the barn, winter and summer in Vermont. I have installed a 30AMP outlet for the RT RS Adv and we keep the barn at 35F in the winter just for the RS. I wish it would fit in the attached garage for loading and unloading. We don’t use it in the winter, but we make a daily driver out of it in the summer.

  • Our new 24′ LTV Serenity parks in the driveway. So convenient! The previous 42′ diesel pusher fit in the driveway but annoyed the neighbors so it had to go to a storage facility that increased the rate annually.

  • Like you we are very lucky we have room at our home for RV’s. I built a 30x30x12 garage and then added a 14 foot carport as an after thought for our trailer. Floor is plumbed with a sewer dump, water connection and 30 amp service. We have a very small home so our trailer doubles as a guest room for company. Our truck camper is also in our garage, easily moved around inside by hand once it’s set on old railroad baggage cart that has incredible strong steel wheels.

  • At my house

  • no, no…at my house

  • driveway….watched a movie in it last night with Elsie the cat.

  • Heated garage.

  • Share a picture here of where your RV is parked right now

    • I am in a flood zone in coastal SC. My house is built up 10′ off the ground per flood regulations. I could fit 3 to 4 RTs under my house! I have power dedicated to the RT and also a clean out for emptying the tanks. I keep it plugged in. I use it everyday for cold drinks and a bathroom under the house in the spring, summer and fall! Very convenient when working in the yard.
      How do you post a picture?

  • at my house, fully hooked up

  • At my house fully hooked up….love it can camp in the yard if I want…..and have.

    • So have I on many occasions. It’s one of the ways I can get away from my tenant and have complete peace and quiet and solitude if I want. 🙂

  • Parked at Golden Hill State Park in Western New York. Taking pictures of the Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse on Lake Ontario.
    What a gorgeous day. Spring is here!!! At least for today.

  • Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse in Honey Hill State Park.

  • Park? What’s that?

  • I keep mine in unheated warehouse all winter in North Dakota

  • Next to my garden shed on a gravel pad.
    Putin an outside 110 outlet and run a flat
    extension cord inside that runs a mouse deterrent

  • Our 170 Versatile is parked in our standard sized attached garage. We had the garage door header raised a foot and it fits with an inch or two to spare in all directions.

  • still looking for a safe spot in Portland, Or area. We don’t have a driveway or a garage big enough for our 1998 190V. Any ideas from Portland friends?

  • Yet another advantage of living on a farm — no HOA or snooty neighbors to make life difficult. We keep our RS Adventurous parked in front of the garage (storage area) and plug the shore power into a 110V outlet to keep the batteries charged.

    • Agree to Living on the Farm. I don’t think I could live in suburbia or a condo with all their rules about what you can and can’t do on your own property. A little “common sense” goes a long way, like keep the place looking nice from the street, keep the noise down, and “live and let live”.

  • We now have 5 rental RV’s to jockey around the driveway… Class A, B, and C’s… Got “lucky” and had one in a warehouse for service all winter; sent two others away to a winter storage lot.

  • We have a 2-car garage with lots of height to fit in with the roof- line on the house. We did have to change the garage door to a 9′ tall door to accommodate Trekkie when we bought him almost 3 years ago. Now he stays safe and sound in the garage for the 7 or 8 months when we’re not on the road . . . unless we’re away for a few days, or a week-end, or an over-nighter.

  • In winter, I park in my attached 2 car garage in Florida. One bay was built in the late 60s for an early model RV. It is just the right size for Rhody Ranger. It has 10.5 feet of clearance and maybe 24 feet front to back. When I come back to Michigan, I have to park outside. Luckily there is room in my driveway opposite the garage doors. The apron is wide enough to let us back the cars out next to Rhody Ranger. I use her as my daily driver here in the Mitt.

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