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How to Mouse Proof Your RV – Keep those Rodents Out!

| Updated Mar 18, 2024

Many RVers whose RVs are in storage for the winter discover that while it's been sitting there unused, the RV has had visitors – mice!! Here's how to mouse proof your RV…

We have heard so many sad stories of mice getting into an RV and literally destroying it.

Between chewing up wires, burrowing inside the walls, and leaving their waste everywhere – mice are incredibly destructive and pose not just a sanitary concern, but a safety issue.

Besides cleaning up the mess, you want to make sure the critters don't come back.

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Try RV Mouse Repellent

How to Mouse Proof Your RV - Keep those Rodents Out! 1

One thing you could do is try mice repellant products.

A couple years ago we met someone who told us about a product called Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellant.

For uninfected areas, the directions say to place one pouch for every 125 sq. feet. So two or three pouches will do it for an RV.

The scent lasts 90 days so you may need to replace them come the end of February. For infected areas where mice are active, they suggest one pouch every 8 square feet and to replace the pouches every 30 days. The scent alone is the deterrent, and the product is one we have used successfully.

Here are some mouse repellents and deterrents some people swear by:

  • Soak cotton balls in peppermint oil
  • Peppermint oil spray (apparently, mice don't like peppermint!)
  • Dryer sheets (fabric softener sheets)
  • Mothballs

Note that any deterrent that uses strong smells or essential oils will lose effectiveness over time. You'll need to replace these fragranced repellents on a regular basis.

Try Treating Under the RV to Keep Mice Out

Some readers have also suggested spraying the underbelly of the RV with a product called Rodent Defense.

It is a spray that goes on the engine, wiring, and anything exposed underneath your vehicle. The product is made of vinegar, water and various essential oils like peppermint and white pepper, which supposedly mice do not like.

While I have not tried this, I pass this along in case it is of interest.

Other Ideas to Keep Mice Out

Also, some of our readers have suggested putting a box of laundry dryer sheets around your RV. Rodents supposedly don’t like that smell.

And if you suspect mice are getting in, be sure to check for open spaces under the chassis. It doesn't take much space for a mouse to squeeze in and do all sorts of harm. Try and plug them up if you can.

Don't forget traditional mouse traps. One reader wrote to tell us he nails two regular wooden mousetraps on a four-foot lone two-by-four and arms the mousetraps with some peanut butter. He puts that two by four under his RV, not just when in storage but also on camping trips.

He says the record is 40 mice trapped over one weekend!

How to GET RID of Mice Already in Your RV

mouse looking through hole

We've already discussed how to prevent mice from getting into your RV. Now, here's how to get rid of mice in a camper if the furry fiends have already made their way inside… Keep reading…

Share Your Ideas on How to Mouse Proof Your RV

I hope these suggestions are helpful. Use the comments below to share your ideas.

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