Like many RVers, I’ve been frustrated by shifting weight and uneven surfaces that make cabinet latches hard to open or break. I think I have the solution.

Magnetic cabinet latches.

The video shows you how they attach and work.

I now have them on all my cabinets and since they were installed, not one cabinet has broken or opened when it shouldn’t have.

latchThe latches are stainless steel. The consist of a small bracket and a striker pad. Both easily affix to the cabinet with wood screws that are provided.

I have been unable to find them individually available for retail. The source for the latches I found is Leisure Products of Canada. They ship wholesale to Canada and the U.S. but a minimum order is for 48 of the units. They have a suggested retail of $7.95 each. The one I have is rated at 40 pounds. It is PM2001LX.

I’d buy a bunch and stock them on but by the time you add the minimum $5.25 Priority Mail shipping fee, it would end up costing over $13 to get one.

But you may find another way to get them. Here’s a direct link to the product: