Laura out West: Hot and getting hotter

 Laura out West: Hot and getting hotter

_MG_1205It's 100 degrees and going up! I am at 4400 feet and it’s HOT.  But, as we Missourians say, at least it’s dry heat. Doesn’t feel anything like KC (or Houston or Charleston) in the summer where it’s muggy and close and, well, you know.  Here, sweat and hair dry quickly and I don’t look like I just got out of a farm pond all the time.  Two or three days to go and I will…Her royal highness (yes, fully recovered and back to her high maintenance self) and I are headed home for a few weeks, those pesky obligations, then it’s up to Michigan.

Dan and Ann in McCall couldn’t have been more gracious. Dan took me to Warren , an old mining town that still has a few inhabitants living off the grid.  Then Ann cooked a delicious dinner and we said our goodbyes.  Headed south to loop over to Redfish, but never made it. Olga had some starting issues so we spent a couple extra days in Boise getting her fixed up.

_MG_1131We left the Mercedes dealer in Boise (thank you DAVE, and to Mark for the dog treats) with a newly tuned and freshly washed Olga.  She was spic and span, inside and out and we headed right into rain… I swear I am changing my last name to Murphy and writing a new law.  I am behind schedule so skipped Craters of the Moon also, but I’m sure I will come back out.

We only got as far as Mountain Home and decided to call it a day. We needed to stretch after sitting at the dealer for 9 hours.  (They worked on a Life Flight Ambulance ahead of us -wouldn’t have it any other way).  The rv park I chose was less than stellar so I decided to unplug and make haste. It was in a very seedy neighborhood and I was not in the mood to buy drugs, engage in something illegal, or make an involuntary donation to the local hood. This was the first time I have done that, but when I got to the next rv park, and told the gal where I had been, she congratulated me on my wise choice and desire to live a clean, healthy life.

_MG_1210The next morning, the sun was shining brightly!  Hit the road early and made it a whopping 45 miles to Malad Gorge. I keenly spied it from the highway, okay- it was hard to miss, and made a quick exit. This is the best thing about RVing without an itinerary- snap decisions and change of plans.  It was a lovely state park with a nice little gorge, waterfall and fantastic views.  After spending an hour or so, I decided to backtrack to Bliss and take the Thousand Springs Scenic Route to Twin Falls.  It did not disappoint, I saw about 6 more waterfalls along the Snake River!

In Twin Falls, I ate lunch at the huge Shoshone Falls and took some pictures.  Bad time of day for photos, as the sun was high, but it was worth the stop! On to Utah, and overnight in Brigham City where we didn’t go anywhere or do anything- we were slugs.  Up at the crack and longish drive to Fruita, CO., which is at the entrance to the Colorado National Monument. If you haven’t been, GO- I came here last year and loved it. The whole drive today was just marvelous, lots of magnificent and changing landscape with many stops along the way.IMG_4171

Her holy hotness sacked out at the foot of the bed, after a quick swim in the lake and a good roll in goose poop (not great in close quarters….thank you RT for the outdoor shower!) Isn’t it Deuce Coupe? But stuck in my head was  “She’s my little Goose Poop”.   I met 2 RT couples, one from Arkansas and one from Denver. They were as friendly as could be and we swapped lies and bragged a bunch!

Today I drove, and drove some more. I-70 is gorgeous through western CO. I stopped in Vail for some Yaki Soba (noodles, veg and chicken) and then in Frisco and took a short hike on our last mountain stream Boo hoo!   Then through Denver and a real pisser.   A rock hit my brand new windshield and put a nice ding in it!!! This was after having it replaced in Mississippi after a terrible hail blew it out, earlier this year.  I could not believe it…

On to the boring part of the drive through eastern CO, sore butt and Ruka giving me the “LOOK”.  It’s warm here, too, but still dry! And rumor has it- cooling off in KC just in time for my arrival!

I am finally back in Kansas, Toto, at the Goodland KOA with Mr. and Mrs. Tkacz who were glad to see me, and I promised to pay for breakfast tomorrow!


Laura Robinson

Laura Robinson is a photographer and writer from Missouri and loves to travel in her Roadtrek RS Adventurous motorhome with her dog Ruka. She's also a naturalist and birder and says she plans on touring until she can't see over the steering wheel.


  • Can’t wait to see you in Michigan! Rest up, there are lots of roads and beautiful scenery to cover!

  • Great blog … Feel like I am there with you! Bummer about the windshield.

  • glad you are running smoothly again, and LOVE that photo of the reflection with the open road over your shoulder… that’s what it’s all about. you can go back to the flatlands if you must, all my obligations are behind me, so i’m staying up here where it’s cool. i’ll be in exile up here above 8000 feet until labor day.

  • Was just gonna do a quick glance at your blog this morning because I’m so busy getting ready for our trek out west, but then I saw the pix, and dang, girl, you dragged me in, as usual! I love your photos and your story. Like Cheryl, I feel I’m there with you. Also it’s nice to know Her Royal Highness is back to her self. Been reading Travels with Charley and you and Steinbeck have such parallel relationships with your canines; makes me laugh. Roam on ….

  • So sorry that your journey is coming to an end but like your photo, there’s more road ahead! Thanks for sharing this all with us. Be sure to get the ding fixed!

  • I’ve been enjoying your posts and look forward to the your next trip that I a can travel with your vicariously.

  • If you’re in utah and need a hot meal stop by ogden

  • Seems like a light an easy way to travel 129,000 for a van

  • lol. “She’s my little Goose Poop”. My laugh out loud for the day!

  • Feels like summertime in California, time to go out on a date with my Roadtrek!

  • Love the lifestyle…let’s go!

  • Cheryl Foreman

  • Wish I Was There… Happy trails Laura! From Ccanada. 😉

  • Love reading about your crack me up..when are you coming to Florida..we will be back at condo Sep 1 only trip planned is Oct balloon festival in ‘m.xxoo

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