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Jennifer’s Tips: Don’t Get Stuck in the Mud, Sand, or Snow

Jan Matthews (left) shows me her Mr. Emergency Snow 'N Mud Track.
Jan Matthews (left) shows me her Mr. Emergency Snow ‘N Mud Track.

Be it mud, snow or sand, nobody likes the thought of getting the RV stuck.

Our friend Jan Matthews found a very handy little product that she always carries with her…after learning the hard way why such a product is needed.

“I got stuck last year, and somebody else got stuck this year,” Jan said. “I had this on board.”

That product was the Mr. Emergency Snow n’ Mud Track.

“It’s this long strip of treads that you can stick up under your back wheel…and a couple of good sturdy guys or gals to push, that’s about all it takes to get out,” she said.

It’s about 28 inches, which means it isn’t too big to stow.

Jan found hers at Walmart for about $22. It’s also available at Amazon for $28.

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