Jennifer’s Tip: Soap Holders for RV Showering

 Jennifer’s Tip: Soap Holders for RV Showering

Have you ever had a bar of soap slip out of your hands while using your small, RV shower? Sometimes bending over to pick it up is not all that easy when showering in a small space.

A reader named Liz wrote in to share her solution – a terry cloth cotton washcloth soap holder, complete with an attached string for easy storing.

Liz wrote she made her washcloth soap holder to use specifically in her RV shower. After dropping her soap one too many times, Liz said she found the washcloth soap holder extremely helpful when showering in a small space. With the slippery soap secure in the washcloth holder, she no longer has to worry about it squirming out of her hands. She also likes that she can hang it up when it is not in use, eliminating soap messes in her RV.

I think this concept could also work well when using public campground shower, too. Sometimes those showers are not the cleanest. We wear flip-flops while in the public showers, so having something to protect the soap from hitting the ground could be helpful, too.

I did a little research and found the cotton terry cloth washcloth holder is a pretty popular idea! I saw several reviewers say they simply take the soap out of the washcloth holders and wash the cloth with their regular towels, keeping them sanitary.

I found several links with step by step tips on how you could make your own washcloth soap holder:

Make it yourself:

Or, if you do not sew, I also found several stores that sell washcloth soap holders. I found them on Amazon, Walmart, Bed, Bath Beyond, Etsy, and several other sites. Amazon sold three for $10.49.

Thank you, Liz, for sending me an email with that very helpful suggestion!

Mike Wendland

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