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Jennifer’s Tip: Accessories for the RV Bathroom

In an RV, space is at a premium. And no where is that more true than in the bathroom.

There isn’t a lot of room there for extras. But we’ve added two little items that, to me, are great accessories.

lineThe first is a very handy retractable 8-foot long clothesline we found on Amazon for around $16. (  We have it mounted along the back of the shower enclosure and we use it to dry towels and the like as we travel.

Something else I added was a magnifying mirror we also found on Amazon for about $25 ( mirror

We drilled two small holes in the back of the shower, screwed in the base, and sealed the edges and the screw with a small bead of silicone. The mirror folds up flatagainst the wall when we’re traveling and extends out when I need it for makeup application.

Both are inexpensive, but very convenient additions.

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