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How We Roll in our RV – Episode #1

| Updated Mar 14, 2013

We get lots of questions about the places we go, the things we see and how we roll in our RV. Thus, this new reoccurring video feature, in which we'll try to do every week, answering reader questions e-mailed me here or via our Facebook Roadtreking page.

In this first episode, Jennifer and I talk about how we pack and store items in our Class B motorhome and how we stay connected to the Internet while on the road.

Jennifer swears by eBags, a handy way to neatly pack a lot of clothes in a very nifty little zip up bag that takes up little space.

And I share how Verizon Wireless' 4G network keeps me connected by a MiFi wireless hotspot card.

Let us know how you like this and what questions yo may have.

Mike Wendland

Published on 2013-03-14

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

11 Responses to “How We Roll in our RV – Episode #1”

March 24, 2013at1:11 pm, Susan Adame said:

Jim Temple, We used to own a Class C and found it was difficult to park on any city streets. It was wide and we also needed two spaces in length. In parking lots we found that we needed four spaces to fit! The ease of driving and parking are huge! We don’t find the inside space too small and in fact our kitchen counter and storage space is larger in our 22″ Roadtrek 210 than it was in our 29″ Winnebago. We don’t have the floor space of a Class C, but unless we are dancing the aisles the C space was wasted. The quality of finishes and fabrics are so fine that we feel like we are in a boutique hotel. Driving a Roadtrek is similar to our mini van except we have better mirrors in the Roadtrek. It is a breeze and easy to handle so that I can even parellel park it. When we had our Class C we had to really grip the steering wheel when on the freeway due to the movement of the rig. It was very tiring when driving long distances and my hands and arms ached. The Class B is more like a car to drive. I’d gladly pay more for a Class B since it is such a great set up, but given resale values and gas prices I doubt if it actually costs any more. We just traveled 7,500 miles with two people and two dogs in 50+ days and had a great time!

March 17, 2013at8:32 pm, Sherry Hooker said:

I’ve become a fan of your sites and now you give us, yet another. I really like this one because it’s nice to get information from someone who’s living it. Many happy travels to the neatest couple on the net.

March 17, 2013at5:09 pm, Mike Wendland said:

Will do, Donny. That video was recorded in the West Destin RV Resort in Fort Walton, Beach, FL. We did a couple there with slightly different backgrounds. We’ll be sure to reference where we are in the next one’s we record. Thanks for the encouragement!

March 17, 2013at5:07 pm, Donny Albrecht said:

Awesome! Love the new series! When you do them, Can you please tell us where you are reporting/recording from? Just nice to know where you are! The Background was Beautiful!
Keep up the great work! We just bought our first RV and we love all the tips and video. Keep them coming! Donny

March 17, 2013at4:18 pm, Bob J said:

I’ll admit I was skeptical when I ordered my E-Bags from Amazon. But after a couple trips they’ve really won me over. Keeps your clothes neat & together

March 15, 2013at1:00 pm, Sandy said:

Thanks Mike & Jennifer,love the new feature ! The Ebags were one of the first things we bought for our Roadtrek based on your article about them

March 15, 2013at12:08 am, Mike Wendland said:

We picked a B because of the great mobility it offers. It can go EVERYWHERE. A Class C just isn’t as mobile. Surprisingly, it just doesn’t feel that cramped. My wife and I travel with a 70 pound dog and we all have learned to coexist quite well 🙂

March 14, 2013at10:40 pm, Jim Temple said:

Mike, I just recently began following you in your class B motorhome. I love your site, blog and the many videos you do. I just got done watching your latest.

I was just wondering why you chose a class B when a class C would be just about as economical but it would have given you so much more room. I think the Roadtrek would be great if you were alone, but it has to be cramped when you are forced to spend a lot of time inside, such as a rainy day or cold evening.

Anyway, keep on treking. I love your lifestyle and hope to do it someday myself.

March 15, 2013at12:54 am, Jim Hammill said:

The comment about Class C economics is an interesting one. Class C resale values are very low. Depreciation is a huge hit, while Roadtreks have the highest resale percentages in the RV industry. On size, the small size is exactly the point of a B van, You can go into any campground, federal, state, county. You can park at a meter on the wharf in San Francisco or at Huntington Beach or in Tampa. You can go downtown in big cities. You can park anywhere, with no hassle. Many gated communities give little hassle to B vans. Yet they have all the amenities of a larger unit, and lets face, it, with a Roadtrek, you get more amenities in most cases. And the best part, you can boondock easily. People don’t find the presence of a Roadtrek invasive. So they don’t challenge it. And my wife can drive one comfortably, and frankly, she is not comfortable with a larger RV. So the reasons are many, and varied, but in the end, they are the same. Lower cost of operation. More access to anywhere. Easy operation. Freedom to visit all the places on your bucket list.

March 17, 2013at4:19 pm, Bob J said:

Like Jim says above….

March 18, 2013at11:01 am, Joe Murray said:

Mr. Hammils’ (my boss) comments are right on about owning a Roadtrek, however, one of the biggest points to be made about a Class B over a Class C unit is useability; in a nutshell, a Class C spends most of its life parked behind the barn or the garage waiting to be used. Your Roadtrek can be parked in the driveway for week-end and even daily use! Besides that, I didn’t even mention phenominal mpg!!!

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