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Hanging out at the Tampa RV Show

| Updated Jan 16, 2016

tampa7I got a bit lonesome for my old buddies at Roadtrek so I drove down to Tampa overnight and was at the long line of cars creeping into the gate as the show opened for the day. After unsuccessfully arguing that I was a car and not an RV (this NEVER works in an extended body Sprinter), I paid the RV parking price and went on in to the show. It's mid-70s and sunny down here as the breeze rustles the palm trees, a nice day for a big crowd during the final weekend of the show.

Zion Link shower

I had to squeeze through the crowds in the main aisle to find the Roadtrek exhibit, right on the main drag and near the door. There are all kinds of models here, several XLs and 4×4 Sprinters, but the real excitement is the two new Zion models, the Simplicity and the Link. The show's been going on all week, and SOLD signs are starting to festoon many of the exhibited units. The SRT and the Simplicity are already sold, and the sales folks are running around talking to all the customers wandering in and out of the various display models.

Looking in the back of the Zion Simplicity

I know nothing about the Link except what I saw in the display prototype, I haven't had a chance to talk to any of the engineering types. Yan Seiner is here, but he's too busy playing with his fancy EcoTrek display demonstrator to bother- he has a steady stream of customers trying to get information about how the new systems work. I saw a 210 EcoTrek model here, and also a XL E-Trek with the underneath air conditioner.  Things have moved very fast in the 15 months since I first left the factory with my prototype.

Zion Link galley

The inside of the Link has a new type shower on the driver's side, plus the usual galley behind that. I'll go find out more about it when I can get a few minutes with one of the experts, but I did get some photos.

tampa6The Simplicity is already sold, but here's a shot of the new decals.




edit: Duh! I figured it out – the Link shower is telescoping – when not in use, it comes down to countertop level, with a huge workspace.

tampa9And the toilet is across the aisle, right behind the sliding side door.

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Published on 2016-01-16

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March 02, 2016at11:34 am, Matt said:

Any more photos of the Zion Link? That seems perfect for me with a 136 wheelbase!

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