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Florida’s Fort Mosé – Off the Beaten Path

| Updated Jul 6, 2022

“With both of us hailing from relatively Northern states, we’ve been getting a steady education on the history of the American South as we travel there.” –  Tom and Patti Burkett

In New England and the midwest, the settlement and war history involves mostly England, Scandinavia, and Northern Europe.
In the South, the history is much more tied up with Spain and France. Florida, for example, has seen sixteen flags flying over all or part of it during its post-colonial history. And that’s after its history of settlement by indigenous people before the fifteenth century.
The last time we visited our park ranger daughter, she took us to see Fort Mosé, a small Florida fort on the coast a couple of north of the Castillo de San Marcos. At the time it was established, Spain was ruling here. Slavery was flourishing in the US colonies farther north, and because slaves were much less harshly treated by the Spaniards, there was a constant flow of escapees coming into Florida.
Florida's Fort Mosé - Off the Beaten Path 1
Indeed, Spanish governors and officials encouraged it. Slave owners in the Southern states insisted the government do something, but this part of Florida didn’t become US territory until the ratification of the Adams-Onís Treaty in 1821.
Enslaved people who made it across the border had the option of securing their freedom by converting to Catholicism and agreeing to a term of military service.
The fort became home to a growing population of African soldiers and their families. Fields were established, and the soldiers’ wives and children worked to grow the crops that fed the inhabitants of the fort and also the residents of St. Augustine.
Florida's Fort Mosé - Off the Beaten Path 2
Some of the escapees earned fairly high military rank and became officers in the Spanish military, as well as respected members of the city social scene.
When you go to visit the fort, you’ll find a visitor center with models and displays, a film about the history of the fort, and a knowledgeable ranger to answer your questions.
The actual site of the fort is some distance away, on a rise of land across the tidal marsh. You can see it from a viewing platform near the visitor center. The current plan is to reconstruct the fort when resources are in place, and progress is being made.
Florida's Fort Mosé - Off the Beaten Path 3
Saint Augustine is all about the Spanish history of North Florida, but it also has an important story to tell about slavery in the US.  It’s not often told, and not well marked, but you can find it, if you look off the beaten path.

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Published on 2021-04-25

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