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The Florida RV Supershow sets the tone for 2013 RVing

| Updated Jan 15, 2013

RTetrekandcsThe RV promotion industry may argue over bragging rights to what is the biggest show of the year but if you poll both dealers and fans, it becomes pretty clear that in terms of influence, size and excitement, the annual Florida RV Supershow this week at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa is the one that sets the tone for the entire RV year.

The sponsoring Florida RV Trade Association proudly claim this show is not just the nation's biggest – it's the best.

This is the show in which RV owners and shoppers can get their first look at the entire 2013 lineup from all the RV North American manufacturers. They are all here at this massive indoor and outdoor space, more than 1,100 RVs of every type and size, buffed, shined, decorated and on display for hands-on inspetion. In terms of the latest add-ons, mods and RV accessories, nearly 500 vendors are here also.

An on-site camping Super Rally is sold out, with hundreds of RVers doing camping right at the show. Local campgrounds – and here in Florida, there's seemingly one on every corner – are also filling up. New Fifth Wheels, Toy Haulers, Travel Trailers of every size and configuration, pop-ups, Type A, B and C motorhomes and everything in between are here, on display across 16 acres through Sunday. It is so big you really need two days to see it, especially when you throw in the entertainment and seminars. And that's if you take the trolley that runs on a constant circuit. If you walk it, beter figure on three days.

Advanced RV Ocean One model
Advanced RV Ocean One model
Roadtrek's on display at show
Roadtrek's on display at show

The theme this year is “Now is the Time,” meaning there has never been a better time to buy an RV as the industry has largely recovered from the economic downturn and deals have never been better.

Today, Tuesday, is Industry Day. We are camping on the grounds and we're going to try and concentrate mostly on Class B, small motorhomes, and the accessories that go with them. And all the big players are here: Roadtrek, Airstream, Winnebago, Pleasure-Way, Leisure Travel Vans and a newcomer making its debut, Advanced RV,  a Type B RV startup based in Cleveland, Ohio that builds several models on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis.

And it's clear that the eco-themed Roadtrek eTrek, as well as its new CS camping series model, has struck a nerve with consumers and the other manufacturers as well. The two are displayed side-by-side along with every Roadtrek model around it.

Leisure Travel Van's Unity Model
Leisure Travel Van's Unity Model

Both the eTrek with its all electric, solar power emphasis on camping unplugged and replying on a bank of either eight AGM batteries or three lithium batteries for extended power while boondocking out of commercial campgrounds, and the CS (for Camping Series) with its heated floors, extra large 7 cubic foot refrigerator, increased cabinets and inside storage space and the solar option, seemed to be the trendsetters among the other Class B makers.

Pleasure-Way Type Bs
Pleasure-Way Type Bs

Advanced RV's new Ocean One model, debuting here this week,  seems to have picked right up on those Roadtrek innovations, including the heated floors and big fridge. Their Ocean One is extremely luxurious, coming with its own wine cabinet, heated seats, panoramic wood cabinets and a screen sliding door.

We also got a chance to look up close and wander around inside the new 2013 Unity model by Leisure Travel Vans. This model has a Murphy Bed and slide-out mid van with a self contained shower and bathroom with vanity in the rear.

Over the next few days, we'll do detailed videos on several of the new models, interviews and special reports. If there's anything you'd like me to find here and show you, just leave a comment.

And if you are visiting the show and would like to see our eTrek, I'd love to meet you and give you a tour. We're in spot #51.

Mike Wendland

Published on 2013-01-15

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

9 Responses to “The Florida RV Supershow sets the tone for 2013 RVing”

January 16, 2013at8:02 am, Riley Waters said:

How about showing us a bunch of different Class B interiors so we can see the different layouts? Wish I was there with you. I’d carry your camera gear. You do such a nice job with this blog, Mr. Wendland. I also subscribe to your newsletter and really enjoy it. You can tell you are a journalist and not a shill selling something.

January 15, 2013at9:24 pm, Jimmy said:

If you’re taking requests, I’d like to see the inside of that Advanced RV.

January 15, 2013at9:22 pm, Richard and Laura said:

Mike… I’d like to see the Unity van from Leisure Travel Vans if you can do a little video.

January 15, 2013at8:45 pm, Bob said:

Oh, and in case you didn’t know this Mike, Advanced RV was started by an ex-Leisure Travel executive and another guy.
He left Leisure after the company was bought by a conglomerate

January 16, 2013at7:22 am, MIke Neundorfer said:

I started Advanced RV in Cleveland last spring with the support of many people, including the engineering and admin staff at Neundorfer, Inc. Mike Ellis, who was the GM at Great West, has been a consultant throughout the process. We have no history or connection with any other RV company.

January 16, 2013at11:59 am, Bob said:

Thanks for the clarification Mike.

I knew Mike Ellis had been with Great West and was told by one of his customers that he was involved with your company in more than a consulting process.
Enjoy watching your videos and showing your processes.

Good luck!

January 15, 2013at8:40 pm, Bob said:

Johann & Mike, they aren’t building the new Ford Transit yet. Production begins in the next couple months in Kansas City’s Ford Claycomo plant.
My guess, you won’t see a “B” on the new Transit before mid to late 2014 earliest.
Then the big decision….2.5 litre 5cyl diesel, or EcoBoost V6 gas???

January 15, 2013at5:28 pm, Mike Wendland said:

None that I saw…

January 15, 2013at2:47 pm, Johann Schuster said:

Any Class B’s on Ford’s new Transit chassis?

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