Class B RV’s are the rage as Class A owners downsize

 Class B RV’s are the rage as Class A owners downsize

Class B RV's are the rage as Class A owners downsize 1I've talked to several of the nation's biggest RV dealers this week as I've looked into upgrading my 2006 Roadtrek RS-Adventurous to a newer model. The dealers all remarked on how hot Class B RVs were right now.

That's because a lot of Class A owners are downsizing.

They're tired of the sheer work involved in going down the road, towing a car, shelling out big bucks for fuel on rigs that average 9 miles a gallon and then, once they've arrived at a park, going though the elaborate hookup and leveling routines necessary to settle in an A.

I found the informal dealer remarks confirmation of what I'm hearing from readers. Aznd as further proof of the trend, there will be a special seminar on downsizing from a Class A to a Class B at the Family Motorcoach Association‘s 87th Family Reunion & Motorhome Showcase that will take place in Indianapolis Aug. 27-30.

John Hearne, from Pittsboro, NC, has owned two Class A motorhomes and twice traveled across the country. He and his wife decided to downsize to a Roadtrek 210 and have never looked back. Last year, they did their third cross country trip, this time in a Class B. Wrote John in an e-mail to me:

“We have found so many advantages in the Roadtrek. The main thing is being able to go anywhere we want to go! No big motor home with a tow car. That’s a lot of work! We can travel the back roads, going places that a class A would never be able to navigate. Since we are seniors now, we wanted to be able to travel without all the hassle of the large class A. The Roadtrek has certainly filled the bill. We take advantage of all the features, including the shower. We have learned to pack only the essentials for the trip we are on. It’s so easy to stop at any grocery store to restock frequently.”

Ron Woodward, a retired engineer from Minnesota, told me about the same thing. He previously owned a Class A. Last yer he downsized to a Class B from Pleasure-Way. “We didn't like the big campgrounds and our dependency on hookups,” he said. “Now, we can go anywhere. We love boondocking in the state forests. Just us and nature.”

That's what Jennifer and I have learned, too.

I know, everyone has different tastes. But being parked between two Class As is like living between two skyscrapers. Roaring air conditioners and giant screen TVs blaring satellite SportsCenter is not my idea of getting away from it all. And what's with those LED ropes they string on their awnings or around the patio? Reminds us of a disco.

We go out to see and experience the great open spaces. And a B is our choice. We can overnight in a campground and then use the Roadtrek to travel around, see the sites, drive the backroads.  Most of the As we see seem pretty well anchored in one spot for several days. If we wanted that, we'd have bought a cottage instead of the Roadtrek.

So while I may upgrade, it will be for a newer model Roadtrek or similar Class B, not a bigger rig.

Next up for us is a trip to the wilds of Michigan's Upper Peninsula around the Fourth of July, really back in the boondocks.




Mike Wendland

Mike Wendland is a veteran journalist who, with his wife, Jennifer, travels North America in a small motorhome, blogging about the people, places, joys and adventure of RV life on the road at He and Jennifer also host the weekly RV Podcast and do twice-weekly videos on the YouTube RV Lifestyle Channel. They have written 10 books on RV travel.


  • Great post, Mike. We’re in our fifth year in the RT now and I’m still incredibly happy with our decision.

  • I have a Class A and am thinking about downsizing. But i wonder about Winebago or Airstream Class Bs instead of Roadtrek. I trust your suggestions. Will you send me a private email with your recommendations?

  • Mike ,
    While it is refreshing to see new RV’ers enjoying their choice of rigs , it is also disturbing to see you embrace the complete lack of quality and out dated materials that most RV manufacturers use in completing their units .
    If you want attention as a writer , campaign for better products and warrantees with real customer service .

  • Not my fight, Marvin. That’s for some other platform, not this one. This is about the places, the people the camaraderie and the fun aspects of life on the road. Of course we all want safety and we all want good warranties and service. But that’s not the main areas that this blog will concentrate on.

  • Mike, why only Roadtrek? Take a look another RV
    I like “Serenity”, a lot of advanced features

  • I really like the looks of a Leisure Travel Van, too. I intend this blog to be about all Class B motorhomes.
    I call it Roadtreking but we can go Roadtreking in any motorhome model. It’s about the lifestyle and motorhome experience in a Class B, not just a Roadtrek. I’m looking forward to checking out the “Serenity” at a future RV show.

  • Mike,

    As we gear up for our trek from Ohio out into the West for a few months, Megan and I are extremely happy we found a reliable Class B. Anything else would be too much for two people. It’s also been a blast getting it fixed up.

    I agree with Ron completely, too. I don’t want to be spoiled on the road. I wanna rough it. That’s the whole idea of traveling. My guitar is all the luxury I need. That and the beautiful views of the country.

  • Hi Mike… good friends, Dick and Noel McGarrity have brought your name to my attention, for which I am so grateful. Of our nearly 1,800 club members, it is difficult for me to know them all, but I’ve done pretty well at this for the past nearly 15 years ! But, your name will “stand out” amongst them, and am anxious to meet you. Hopefully that will happen in August at the FMCA International Convention at Indianapolis. I have connected to your blog, by the way which is superb, and find your travels in Michigan and the upper peninsula, is covering so much of the territory that we shared on an earlier trip with Dick and Noel. Without the Roadtrek, and the friendships that it has afforded us, we would probably never have explored that territory.

    As a member of FMCA since 1998, we have enjoyed that association with the Roadtrek family (including the Roadtrek Motorhome folks in Kitchener). On the first day of our retirement, we shifted gears and have been “on the road” much since then. Have attended 62 regional rallies and 18 Chapter rallies (our twice yearly rallies for the full membership). It has been a wonderful journey, and I know you’ll find it to be the same. Just FYI, our next full Chapter Rally is upcoming in September, at Normandy Farms, in Foxborough, MA……a 5-star resort, and it would be wonderful to have you join us. If you take a look at the front cover of the lastest FMC magazing, you’ll find another motorcoach pictured in front of the lodge at Normandy Farms !Jusst maybe, if you were there, I could take the pleasure in introducing you to our membership at a forum there ?? Do let me know.

    Again, my good wishes to you and Jennifer for what you are doing for FMCA (and the Roadtrek lifestyle).

    Francis Griffin, President

    Roadtrek International

  • Francis… count me in for the rally in Foxborough, MA. We;ll be there!

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