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This short and sweet list of the best RV awning lights will help brighten your campsite while improving the ambience.

RV awning lights, sometimes called an awning party light, are a sweeping trend among campers. The set of lights add excellent ambiance and nighttime lighting to an otherwise bland and dark campsite. Forget the boring and dim porch light!

The best part? You can customize these lights to fit your exact needs. Choose from different styles, colors, and power sources to fit your RV lifestyle.

The following outlines what features to look for when shopping for the best RV awning lights. I have also included my top picks for you!

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What to Look for – Best RV Awning Lights

best rv awning lights - rv at night
RV awning lights

Are you looking for lights to be used as decorative lights or to provide additional outdoor lighting? There are many great features that you can look for in your awning light kit.


RV awning lights come in many different sizes and lengths. The good news is that there is one that can work for every size camper.

Even the same strings of lights can be versatile. For one trailer, the lights may only be able to reach from one end of the awning to the other. But that same string may be able to wrap around the entire perimeter of a smaller trailer.

Power Source

Another feature to look for is the power source for the lights. There are solar RV awning lights available, while other need to be plugged into an outlet.

Lights using solar energy do have some advantages. Not only do they provide endless energy usage when properly charged, but you do not have to figure out how and where to plug them in.

But some people find it to be no big deal to plug their lights in, and do not mind finding an awning light string that can do just that. You also might be able to find more options for a better price for the plug-in type.

Lighting Modes

You can be sure to find a string of lights in a variety of colors and with various lighting effects. Some even offer different modes of lighting. For example, some may offer different stationary rainbow colors or change to a rainbow blinking effect.

There may also be modes to change the brightness of the lights. Different styles of brightness can set the tone for your campsite. You may want a brighter mode for cooking and eating dinner, but a less bright option for sitting by the campfire.

If you are not into having different colors of lights, you can also find great strings with white lights that only offer warm light.


Next up, you will want to think about the style of lights you want. Are you into the RV party lights? Or do you want something more subtle?

You can choose from bright light bars, rope lights, globe lights, and strip lights. There are cutesy styles that feature hanging camping trailers and lanterns, and more sophisticated globe lights.

Remote Control

Well, who doesn’t love having another remote control to use? Just imagine sitting in your favorite camping chair, changing the lighting mode without even having to get up. Or laying in bed inside the RV, but switching on some soft lighting while you read.

Some strings of lights come with a remote control option, which I personally really like.

Best RV Awning Lights Strength

How strong are the RV lights? Can they withstand harsh weather conditions?

If you are not planning on camping somewhere that gets windy or has other, similar weather conditions, then you probably do not need to concern yourself with the strength of the lights.

However, if you visit places that have different types of weather you’ll need to factor that in. Rope lights tend to withstand high winds better than globe lights.

Type of Light

Another thing to consider when looking at lights is the type of bulbs they use. LED bulbs use less energy, are more efficient, and use power more widely than incandescent bulbs.

Since LED lights do not use much energy, they can be expected to last longer than other lights.

Even though many consider LED lights the better option, they are usually more expensive to purchase.

Weather Resistance

Since you’re dealing with the outdoors, you need water-resistant lights that can also withstand a little wind. Rope lights, for example, tend to withstand a blustery day better than globes are able to.

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How to String Your Lights & Protect Your Power Supply

One popular option is using RV awning clips. Other people use a permanent installation solution. Either way, you will want to exercise care around your RV’s paint.

If you are purchasing lights that need to be plugged into your electrical system, it doesn’t hurt to have a surge protector for your RV. We recommend having one anyway!

The 3 Best RV Awning Lights

The following list outlines my top picks for the best awning lights that are on the market today.

1. Brightech Ambience Pro

Brightech Ambience Pro best rv awning lights
Brightech Ambience Pro

These Edison-style string lights are one of the best choices when it comes to RV awning lights. You can choose from both plug-in and solar-powered options.

One of their best features is that they come in different styles to choose from. Choose a brass vintage look or a more modern look with a black casing.

They come at a reasonable price considering how high quality a product they are.

2. RecPro RV Awning Lights

RecPro RV Awning Lights best rv awning lights
RecPro RV Awning Lights

This 16-foot strand of lights are a more permanent lighting option. They come with a mounting channel and are directly wired into the RV.

This makes a great option if you want something more permanent so that you can simply park, unhitch, and relax when you get to the campsite.

3. Odoland Camping Lantern with Fan

3 Best Camping Fans to Keep Cool in 2021 4

I had to include this camping lantern on the list because it’s also a fan! It has a sturdy clip so you can hang it from your awning and move it as needed. It’s multidirectional, as well.

It’s lightweight, so you can also use it as a lantern when walking around at night. You have to appreciate its multi-use functionality!

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3 Responses to “The 3 Best RV Awning Lights”

December 21, 2021at1:43 pm, pammy forman said:

Why, why, WHY would you post this! If you want bright lights, stay home! Please don’t ruin the forest and the beautiful night sky with lights – SHAME ON YOU!


December 15, 2021at10:45 pm, David Bower said:

I didn’t see any discussion of keeping lights to a minimum so that fellow campers can enjoy the dark sky. Lighting is wonderful if used respectfully.


December 14, 2021at8:29 am, Traci Mead said:

Supernight 5 meter strip says clearly on Amazon ‘for indoor use only’. Is that wrong? Sadly a lot of recent not favorable reviews; said they break too soo & too often.


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