Winter Roadtreking: Warm Floors

 Winter Roadtreking:  Warm Floors

As the temperature drops, are you envious when reading about heated floors in newer Class Bs? If so, there are plenty of ways to improve your comfort in your not-as-fancy motorhome. We are extremely satisfied with our older Roadtrek.  It is perfect for us.  But cold floors in the wintertime are uncomfortable.  Our Suburban furnace can keep the interior cozy, but the floors cool off fast.  Here are a few ideas we have used.

Foam Flooring - Dark OakFoam flooring.   Our Roadtrek has a 30 x 69 inch dropped floor that allows standing height in a vehicle only 8 ft 3 inches tall.  Wonderful idea.  The floor is fiberglass with a drain that is the base of the aisle shower (another wonderful idea).  So anything put on the floor must be easily removed to take a shower.  After trying several things we settled on foam flooring.  It comes in 2 foot by 2 foot interlocking squares in a variety of colors and patterns.  We are using the wood look “dark oak” which looks good with our oak cabinets.  Cherry wood and Cork are also available as are a variety of solid colors.  You will need 2 full pieces and 4 partial pieces for the floor.  We ordered 9 pieces and thus have enough for 2 complete floors.  We replace it as it starts to look worn about every 12 to 18 months.  High heels and sharp dog toenails can punch holes.  It is easily taken up at shower time.  We have heard of people adding a layer of Reflectix underneath in the winter, but we have not tried that.  We also find the foam flooring helps keep the floor from being too warm in the summer.  The dogs love it.  And if you drop glass dishes on the floor they don't break!  Looks good too!

Bath MatsMemory foam bath mats.  These come in a variety of colors and sizes.  Check out Bed Bath And Beyond or Amazon.  They are warm and cushy underfoot.  You can find a color that will look great in your camper.  We put a long memory foam runner on top of the foam flooring in the winter.  Adds an extra layer of warmth and comfort.  It also absorbs any water drips from dogs drinking or other splatters.  Easy to wash and they stay looking nice.  We put two smaller mats under the dinette.  The floor might be chilly in the winter but you won't feel it through one of these.

Heated MatHeated mats.  If is it really cold, consider heated floor mats – if you will be plugged into shore power.  They come in carpeted or rubber versions and can keep your feet toasty warm.  There are different sizes available.  And they are not expensive.  Typical power use is 90-135 watts depending on size.  The rubber variety has warnings about potentially discoloring carpet or wood flooring, and recommends putting a piece of cardboard underneath if that might be a problem (the one in the photo has cardboard underneath).  They can be used with an appropriately rated “dimmer” to control the heat output. On high they may be too warm for stocking feet, but fine if you are wearing shoes.  When your feet are warm, the rest of you tends to stay warm.

Install a heated floor.  If you are replacing the carpeting or other flooring in your older motorhome, look into installing heat tape under the flooring.  Different products are available depending on what flooring you will be using.

Sheepskin Slippers.  One on the easiest ways to have warm feet in your camper in the winter is a cozy pair of slippers.  The above the ankle variety with a rubber sole is perfect.  Take off those cold shoes or boots when you enter and put on those warm slippers. Combined with a pair of SmartWool socks they are pure luxury.  Ahh!


Roger and Lynn Brucker

Roger Brucker and his wife Lynn have been Roadtrekkers since 2009. Both are retired, Roger from a Business-to-Business advertising agency and from teaching marketing for 25 years at Wright State University, Dayton, OH. Lynn is an electronics engineer, retired from the USAF Research Laboratory. Roger has authored or co-authored five books on cave exploring. They are cave explorers, kite flyers, and have four Standard Poodles. Their home base is Beavercreek, OH, a Dayton suburb. “We’ve done a lot of camping and long distance tandem bicycle riding, including an unsupported San Diego to St. Augustine ride in 2000,” said Lynn. Roger says, “But we love our 190 Popular Roadtrek because we can go anywhere on a moment’s notice, and stay off the grid for a week.” They are known to many Roadtrekkers for contributing ideas and suggestions on the Roadtrek Yahoo Forum and Cyberrally. Some of their modifications to Red Rover, their Roadtrek, are documented at

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