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When will RV Shows start again? [We miss them!]

| Updated Sep 5, 2020

Missing RV Shows? This has not been a normal year but even so, are you wondering when will RV Shows will start again?

This should be the start of an exciting new RV Show season. Instead, with all major RV shows and exhibitions closed for going on six months because of the pandemic, nothing is happening. anywhere.

We are really missing RV shows. In particular, the so-called Big Four of RV Shows and Events – Hershey, PA; Elkhart, IN; Pomona, CA and Tampa, FL 

Truth is, there's some hope that Tamps will happen in 2021. Keep reading down to the end of this article for more on it.

But there are no shows this fall. None. And that has us really missing them. We look forward to RV shows in the fall all year.

Do you feel the same?

To get us all excited about what we'll be able to see when will RV shows start again, we just finished a really fun video on our RV Lifestyle YouTube Channel showing the highlights of those Big 4 RV Shows and Events. CLICK BELOW to watch it.


We should be heading to the Hershey RV Show right now

photo of the Hershey RV Show

Ia this was a normal year, the attention of both RVers and the industry would be focused on Hershey, PA – the “sweetest town on earth” – for the annual RV extravaganza billed as “America's largest RV show.”

But like virtually every RV show and event since late winter, all through spring and summer and into the fall, Hershey was cancelled this year because of COVID-19 fears.

Then there's Ekhart's Dealer Open House

Photo o Elkhart Dealer Open House

The Ekhart event is not technically an RV show. It's an industry gathering, something that started as a way to get dealerships to come to the factory and order their new models for the next year.

But Dealer Open House in Elkhart – the RV Capital of the World – has morphed into a week-long extravaganza of wining and dining, top-name entertainment, and more parties, receptions and RV hype than anyone could possibly take in.

It, too, was canceled.

The California RV Show has been on a roll

Photo of California RV Show

No sooner did Elkhart end than the industry's attention moved west, to Fontana, CA – birthplace of the Hell's Angels – and the California RV Show. Last first year at a new location, the grounds of the California Speedway.

This year was supposed to be the biggest and best yet of the annual two-week long show.

But there is no this year. It was also canceled.

So, when will RV Shows start again?

Photo of Florida RV Supershow

The next major show, the 4th of the so-called Big Four of RV Shows, is the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa, FL. Held right after the long holiday break – in this case, a break from the RV show season that started in March – Tampa in the winter is always a delight.

And right now, it's on the schedule. It has NOT YET been canceled.

So to answer the question when will RV shows start again, the dates for the next Florida RV Supershow are January 13-17, 2021 at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa. Details at

I should caution: This could change. If nothing else 2020 has taught us that everything is uncertain.

But there is one more show most definitely on. Technically, the Quartzsite, AZ RV Show is not really an RV show. They only have one dealer there selling. But they do have a huge Big Tent filled with vendors of everything from satellite systems to solar power systems to RV parts and accessories. Quartzsite's show in the desert draws 150,000 RVers each year.

The 2021 Quartzsite RV Show IS ON for January 16th-24th. Show organizers say they got the official okay from health officials. Details are available at

CLICK HERE to see a live Q&A I just did with the Quartzsite RV Show promoters

Surely, more will follow!

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Mike Wendland

Published on 2020-09-05

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