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20 Travel Trivia Questions for Road Trip Fun PLUS RV Industry BONUS Questions

| Updated Jun 21, 2023

Looking for travel trivia questions for road trip fun? You've found them! And if you read to the end we included a few BONUS questions about the RV Industry!

Summary of this Post show

The key to making long car rides enjoyable is to have some fun road trip games at the ready!

Playing road trips games is a great way to pass the time on a long drive, and trivia is the perfect way to include the driver in the fun.

If you're on a long road trip, then you can dive right into these games with your family members and fellow travelers. Or, you can bookmark this article for your next road trip.

The following is my guide to fun, family road trip games, and a list of road trip questions everyone will enjoy!

Travel Trivia Games

travel trivia questions for road trip
What games do you play while on the road?

When it comes to fun on the road, there is not just one classic road trip game.

Some enjoy a great vehicle scavenger hunt, where the players look for other vehicles, certain words in road signs, or roadside attractions. Whoever finds the most wins the game.

Others like to play card games. But for obvious reasons, the driver cannot really take part in that while on the road.

Travel trivia usually consists of someone asking focused or general questions. If keeping score, the person that answers correctly earns a point. Or, you can just play for the fun and conversation.

One of the best things about these games is it breaks up the monotony of a long journey.

But it can also lead to conversation starters for your group. Your family may notice things on the road that they would not otherwise notice. Or, a trivia question might lead to a conversation about a famous landmark, historical attraction, or theme park in the United States.

My Favorite Travel Trivia Questions for Road Trip Fun

One of the best road trip games on a long car journey is travel trivia. That is because everyone, including the driver, can participate. It can also get your brain thinking while passing time on an otherwise boring stretch of highway.

The best part is, it can help create fun new memories for your family.

Travel trivia categories are endless. You can include funny questions, pop culture, general knowledge, capital cities, travel questions, and serious or tough questions.

You can also narrow down your questions to a specific land area. Consider Yellowstone National Park, San Francisco, Mount Rushmore, or the Great Lakes. You could also include the Windy City, Hong Kong, Mount Everest, the Grand Canyon or focus on a state's capital city! The possibilities are endless.

travel trivia questions for road trip
Let's go!

Here are some of my favorite general car ride trivia questions:

1. What was the first National Park?

Correct answer: Yellowstone National Park was established in 1872 when President Ulysses S. Grant signed the Yellowstone National Park Protection Act into law.

Some sources unofficially claim the Hot Springs in Arkansas is the real first National Park since it was set aside in 1832. It did not become a National Park, however, until 1921.

2. Who was the second President?

Correct answer: John Adams. He was president from 1797 – 1801, after serving as Vice President under President George Washington.

3. How old did the oldest person in the world live to?

Correct answer: 122 years. Jeanne Louise Calment was born in France on February 21, 1875 and died August 4, 1997.

4. What is the highest point in North America?

Correct answer: Denali, also referred to as Mount McKinley, is the highest point in North America. It stands in south-central Alaska.

The peak is 20,310 feet (6,190 meters) above sea level. Denali is the third tallest peak of the Seven Summits (which are the tallest peaks on all seven continents).

5. What creature travels up to 2,000 miles each year to get to the coast of California before winter?

Correct answer: The Monarch Butterfly! Talk about the ultimate “road tripper!”

6. What state is visited the most by travelers every year?

Correct answer: California. In an average year, California can see an average of 42 million visitors, with 140 billion dollars generated by tourism.

The state's temperate climate, national parks, and fun theme parks offer lots of fun options for a family vacation.

7. Which state receives the least amount of visitors in a year?

Correct answer: The least-visited state is Alaska, averaging 25 million visitors per year.

Its faraway location can make it difficult for visitors to reach. It also has very cold weather for a good portion of the year, limiting the amount of time that visitors can enjoy the state.

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8. What is the largest country on Earth?

Correct answer: Russia is the largest country, boasting approximately 17 million square kilometers. That is about 10,563,310 square miles.

9. Which country has a unicorn as its national animal?

Correct answer: Scotland. Now all I can picture is William Wallace with blue warpaint on his face… riding a unicorn.

10. What is the only state whose name begins with the letter “P”?

Correct answer: Pennsylvania

Halfway there – 10 more to go for our travel trivia questions for road trips

travel trivia questions for road trip
Empire State Building

11. Where is the Empire State Building located?

Correct answer: New York City

12. How many miles of road is there in the United States?

Is it a) 253 million, b) 24 million, or c) 107 million?

Correct answer: a) 253 million miles of road

13. What was New York called prior to it being named New York?

Correct answer: It was called New Amsterdam before being named New York.

14. In what city is the Vatican City located?

Correct answer: Rome, Italy

15. In what State can you find Mount Rushmore?

Correct answer: South Dakota

16. What are the names of the five great lakes?

Correct answer: The Great Lakes are Lake Superior, Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, and Lake Erie.

17. Which interstate highway in the United States is the longest?

Correct answer: Route 90. It is an east-west transcontinental freeway, and 3,020.44 miles long. It goes from Seattle, Washington in the west to Boston, Massachusetts in the east.

18. Which state has the greatest landmass?

Correct answer: Alaska. It is the largest at 663,300 square miles. Texas is second at 268,597 square miles. You probably knew Alaska was bigger than Texas but did you realize how much bigger?!

19. Which state has the nickname “Finlandia”?

Correct answer: That would be the state of Minnesota because it has a similar shape to the country of Finland.

20. What state can claim to have the longest coastline?

Correct answer: Alaska, which has 6,640 miles of coastline. In comparison, Florida only has 1,350 miles of coastline. Though, we must say, Jennifer and I certainly prefer RVing Florida's coastlines.

BONUS Trivia Questions about the RV Industry

travel trivia questions road trip
RV Industry trivia is next!

1. What is the most popular size motorhome  (Class A, B or C) 

Correct answer is C  —-(according to RVIA YTD wholesale shipments for 2021)  

2. How many RV-owning households are there in America? Choices 23.3 million, 9.1 million, 11.2 million

Correct answer: 11.2

3. Of those 11.2 million number of RVers, how many are fulltimers? Choices 1.5  percent, 3.7 percent, 7 percent 

Correct answer 1.5 percent

4. What percent of fulltimers are female? 12%, 36%, 70%

Correct answer 70%

For More Fun Road Trip Trivia Questions…

Check out the comments below! Check out other trivia questions our readers have shared, and please share your own! Next time we update this article, we'll include your fun questions and answers.

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Published on 2021-10-28

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