Thinking Solo RV Travel? Do It!

 Thinking Solo RV Travel? Do It!
Thinking Solo RV Travel? Do It! 1
Joette George

Estimates put the number of solo RVers at between 20 to 30 percent of all the RVers on the road.

If you’re on the fence about joining that group of travelers, a woman Jennifer and I have met at several Roadtreking gatherings around the country over the past year who might be the inspiration you need.

Her name is Joette George, and she’s a widow from Northville, Michigan, who crisscrosses North America solo (with the exception of her dog). You can hear my full interview with her at

“I visited friends in some parks with class A (RVs) and I said ‘I’ve got to have a class A so I can stay in these parks,” she said.

As she was searching for the perfect class A, Joette says someone told her she might want to consider something a little smaller.

She ended up with a 2014 Roadtrek 190 that had about 5,000 miles on it.

And she has one key piece of advice for anyone who may be on the fence about taking to the open road alone.

“Do it,” she says, adding that there is always the option of selling an RV should you give it a go and decide it’s not for you.

Her family wasn’t surprised when she took the plunge, but her friends thought she was “crazy.”

“They were like ‘Oh my gosh, you’re going to drive all that way? You’re going to do this? You’re going to do that?’” Joette says. “But then others say ‘Oh my gosh, you’re my hero. I wish I could do that.”

So what does she like most about solo RVing?

“I can just take my dog and go,” she says. “I can just take off if I want to.”

Her first big trip was along Route 66 all the way to California (don’t forget, she’s from Michigan). Her second was to Canada’s Nova Scotia.

She says she’s loving it, too, and enjoying meeting other RVers along the way.

In talking to Joette, she reminded me, too, of Roadtrek International Chapter’s page that is dedicated to those who travel alone. The page can be found at

If you’re wondering what the group is about, consider this from the introduction:

“The Roadtrek SoloTrekkers is an email group of women and men who usually, not always, travel alone in their Roadtreks.”

Another group that we’ve featured at Roadtreking is Sisters on the Fly, a group of women sharing the common bond of solo travel. Information about that group can be found at

Mike Wendland

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