Lambert’s Throwed Rolls: A Southern culinary icon

 Lambert’s Throwed Rolls: A Southern culinary icon

Just north of the Missouri “boot heel” is the small community of Sikeston, right off Interstate 57. It’s a great place to overnight.  If you stay at the Hinton RV Park, they’ll arrange for a van to take you to dinner at a place you will not soon forget.

On our visit, we were with a group of 12 RVers, on the way to a Branson, MO rally. Our group came from Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Ontario and we were crowded driving in that stretch van the mile or so to Lambert’s Cafe, “Home of the Throwed Rolls.” Lambert’s is a unique Amerian culinary icon, founded in 1942 and known far and wide for it hot “Throwed Rolls.”

Yup. You heard right. Throwed rolls. Like you see in the video. Gloved servers toss em at you. Raise your hand and there will be a “throwded roll” in it. Gigantic, baked-from-scratch, five inches in diameter, fluffy, hot and ready for drizzled honey, butter, molasses or sorgum. Last year, Lambert’s baked and “throwed” 2,246,400 rolls to its customers.

There’s more than the rolls of course. We’re talking massive quanttites of Southern Food. Fried catfish.Pulled pork.Fried ham. Fried chicken. Chicken and dumplings. Ribs. You don’t count calories here. If you do, you may get bopped with a throwed roll.

Servers come by offering side dishes like black eyed peas, tomatoes and macaroni,  fried potatoes and fried okra.

Nobody leaves Lambert’s hungry.

I swear the van taking us back to the campground was even more of a tight fit as we waddled out after dinner.

There are two other Lambert’s Cafes. But Sikeston is the original. Well worth a visit.

Mike Wendland

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