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Observations: When It Comes to RVing Friends, I Have the Best!

| Updated Oct 20, 2015
IMG_7457 (2)
Mooing at Shatto Dairy

I consider myself uber lucky to have met so many wonderful RVers during my travels. I have visited a few, met up and been fed, socialized with, learned from, toured with and had my van repaired by kind, generous folks from across North America. So I figured it was my turn to throw out a little love.

I’ve hosted one RV at a time, but I decided to invite several of my long-term Roadtrek pals to come stay with me for a few days for an informal gathering. Folks came from Mississippi, Canada, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and New York!

Pogo and Vicki want jobs!
Pogo and Vicki want jobs!

I have 40 acres of forest on a small river in northwest Missouri. So I cleared a few sites, worked on trails and cut hanging branches. I cleaned and decorated, made a Sam’s Club trip and planned. My place has never looked better and October is usually good for weather. I made some arrangements and bought pumpkins for my Boo-Docking meet up.

Of course, a few couldn’t make it (sadly), which is always the case, so I ended up with 10 rigs on my property and a total of 18 guests.

IMG_7450 (2)
Jim and Ken install a 30 amp for me! Trudy got to use it all weekend.

I had four 110 outlets on my barn for those who needed it and wouldn’t you know it, guests -Jim, Ken and John -went and installed a 30 amp for next year! Geez, and I was supposed to be doing the good deeds… Luckily, I have enough bathrooms and a huge water tank for showers, although, some folks showered in their rigs anyway.

Four rigs came on Thursday before the three-day Columbus weekend. I made a big pot of stew, some salad and bicuits, while we caught up and watched the MLB playoffs in the house. Of course, Tim and Carol, being from Canada, had to watch the Blue Jays, while my friend Trudy and I rooted for Kansas City. She, I and Dan were at an RTI Rally last year in Hutchinson, KS, during the playoffs, so it was fun being together again. We missed Melinda and Al, who are Royals fans out in California, but maybe next year!

Friday, the rest of the gang arrived and after much hugging and gift exchange, we had an amazing pot-luck dinner in the barn. Dan had strung up some pretty lights and I had brought in banquet tables and chairs. More food than we could possibly eat, but we did our utmost to pack it in.

Learning about hand dyed silks from Eleanor

IMG_7478Saturday, after some breakfast casseroles, we toured a local boutique dairy, a couple of art studios and a 1967 Holiday Rambler travel trailer that a friend is restoring. My step-mother catered a variety of sandwiches on homemade breads, along with cookies and chips for lunch at Kenny and Laurel’s studio/house, where they are also restoring native prairie. Lovely.

That evening, a local gal friend catered a huge BBQ dinner in the barn, after which, we had a goofy pumpkin carving contest with silly prizes. Then the bonfire!

The gang in front of Liberty Memorial in Kansas City

Sunday, Ken and Laura took over my kitchen and made us all a fabulous pancake breakfast. Then we car (van)-pooled into Kansas City to tour the nation’s only World War One museum and climbed to the top of the Liberty Memorial for a fabulous view of our fair city. Back home to graze and watch about 5 various football and baseball games. We ate such a big, late lunch, we just ate s’mores for dinner around the bonfire and listened to coyotes and owls- and told tall tales.

Missouri Department of Conservation agent, TJ gives us a lesson

Monday, I had arranged for a local Missouri conservation agent to come and give us a Dutch Oven demonstration that was, maybe, the highlight of the whole weekend. (I already went and bought one!) We made enchiladas, pizzas, 2 cakes and a s’more pie with dark chocolate! TJ, the agent, was a lot of fun and he promised to come back.

By Monday evening, everyone was on the road back home.


The weather was perfect for the five-day fest, and we had just enough time to relax, socialize, nap, tour, hike and, of course, eat.

Nancy, Pogo, Vicki, Laura, Larry and Tim with prizes!

I have to say, RVers are the easiest, most low maintenance guests ever. They bring their own bedrooms, sheets, bath gear and are quiet at night. They help set up, cook and clean up. They are easy going, casual and above all – nice, fun and interesting. It was a chance for me to spend some quality time with good friends.

Did I create a Boo-Docking monster? They want me to do it every year!!!! But I’m happy to do it. The sites are already done and the rest was so easy. The activities will be different; some of the guests will, too.

But however we do it, when RVers get together it’s the best!

Mike Wendland

Published on 2015-10-20

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

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