How one RV Manufacturer gets around the Sprinter shortage

 How one RV Manufacturer gets around the Sprinter shortage

If you’ve tried to buy a Class B Rv on the 2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis this year, you know.

There aren’t any!

Because of the booming demand for small RVs on the popular Sprinter chassis and massive buys by Amazon, which uses them for delivery vans, most RV manufacturers simply can’t get them in a timely fashion. 

But when you visit the Elkhart, IN factory where the REV Group makes its Class B RVs and luxury day cruiser line of limo-type specialty vans, you’ll find new Sprinter chassis everywhere. The day we visited, we counted more than 60 of them. How is it that REV – which upfits Sprinters into RVs and luxury vans under a bunch of different brands (America Coach, Fleetwood IROK, Midwest Automotive Designs) – seemingly has all the Sprinter vans they need?

By paying top dollar for them, aggressively calling around and scooping them up from any source they can, including competitors and even Amazon.

Here’s a a video tour we recently did of the Elkhart factory and an interview with Ron Preston, of the REV Group’s Midwest Automotive Design.

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