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RV Bathroom Improvements

| Updated Aug 8, 2014

We love the “aisle” bath in our Roadtrek. We would not give up our 3rd seat for a wet bath.   Borrowing space is what makes a Class B work.  Devoting 4 feet of valuable space for a bathroom seems like quite a waste.  But like any small bath storage is limited and there are a number of little modifications that can make the space more efficient and practical.  The aisle shower is roomy but over the years we found ways to make showering easier.

Mesh Organizer
Shower Pockets

One of the first changes we made to our bathroom was replacing the shower curtain with a nylon curtain.  It stored easier, hung nicely and dried quickly – but it could soak through in spots that touched the dinette cushions.  We just put a dry washcloth over the cushion corner that comes into contact with the shower curtain.  We also cut a rubber bathmat to cover the carpet edges to keep them from getting damp.  We tried switching to a completely waterproof curtain, but ended up hating it and went back to the nylon curtain.  You want to buy the 108 inch extra wide curtain for the shower – or you will need to sew 2 curtains together.  The shower curtain is the equivalent of 1.5 regular shower curtains in length.  We got one of those mesh pockets to stash the soap, shampoo, razor or whatever else we need while showering.  Empty the pockets take up no room when the curtain is stored.

Oxygenics Shower Head
Oxygenics Shower Head

The second change we made was to replace the stock showerhead with an Oxygenics.  It does a remarkable job of creating pressure without using much water.  We added a complete cut-off valve to the showerhead to avoid wasting water.  We think the newer Oxygenics handheld shower heads now have a cut-off included.  Our roadtrek did not have a bracket to hold the shower head when showering so we made one.  We have been extremely pleased with this addition.  We added a longer hose at the same time we replaced the shower head.   We described in the past how we get the perfect water temperature for showers without wasting water- click here for article.

Towels & Squeegee
Squeegee and Cargo Net holding towels

We stored towels on the shelf above the toilet.  The first time we opened the bathroom door and all the towels landed in a heap on the floor we decided some changes were necessary.  A motorcycle cargo net from Harbor Freight and two RV fridge rods from Camping World and a few zip ties and we  were set.  Also we have a squeegee on the shelf for removing water from the dropped floor after showering.  It makes clean up quick.

Sink Strainer
This is in our sink, but we use a similar small sink strainer on the floor drain while showering.

Notice we have a variety of towels.  We carry two standard bath towels, but also some of the fancy camp towels that don't take up much space and dry quickly.  Frankly they don't feel as nice as a normal towel, but they are ideal backups.

We also have a small sink strainer like this one pictured that we use on the shower drain to prevent hair and other stuff from going into the gray tank.  When we take up the flooring for showering we sweep the floor so it is clean before showering.  The squeegee can scrape all the hair and grit into a pile for easy clean up after a shower.

The reversing switch on the Fantastic Fan is perfect for showering.  On a warm day it can blow a nice breeze and keep the shower curtain “inflated” while showering.  If you ever turned on the fan in the normal mode and had a wet shower curtain sucked against your body you will never do that again!  And after showering the reverse mode can be used to quickly dry the curtain before storing it away.  If we will be driving soon after showering, we squeegee the floor, wipe it dry with a camp towel, replace the foam flooring and put the shower curtain outside the bathroom door with the camp towel under it, so any drips will be caught and no puddles will be created.  If we are sitting we will leave the curtain spread out for faster drying.

Bathroom Light and Mirror
Bathroom Mirror and Light
Back of Bathroom Door
Pockets for Toiletries

We also added a mirror on a swing out arm to the inside bathroom wall.  And we put some LED warm white strip lights above it.  It works as a spot to shave or to apply makeup.  On the back of the bathroom door we adapted shoe pockets for hold the various toiletries we carry.  This includes toothbrushes and toothpaste, dental floss, soap, shampoo, hairbrush, shaving cream, hand cream, nail clippers, eyeglass cleaner, Wet Ones, zip lock bags for disposing of used toilet paper.  And probably a few things we forgot.  On the bathroom wall below the hanging washcloths you can see a tap light that the previous owner added.  It is not very bright – which is perfect for night time visits to the bathroom.  Our bathroom functions very efficiently now, and we are happy with the little changes we made.  Take a look at your camper's bathroom.  What can you do to make it improve it?


Mike Wendland

Published on 2014-08-08

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

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