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Quick Guide: Help! I’m Surrounded by Gross Stuff!

RVers encounter some pretty nasty stuff. Dumping those grey and black tanks. Campground and rest area bathrooms. Dirty firepits. Road grime on doors and latches. Some yucky stuff can live in those places.

Bacteria. Viruses. Spores. Germs. Microorganisms. They have all sure been in the news lately. And while not all of them can make you sick, some of them can.  So when you’re out and about in contact with lots of people and places, I have three tech recommendations to help you stay sanitary.

This is the Nightstick ultraviolet flashlight – less than $25 on Amazon. It uses an LED that people can’t see in the soft ultraviolet part of the spectrum called UV-A. It’s fun watching how currency or a driver’s license will glow. But it’s biologicals fluoresce they expose. So even surfaces you think are clean can look like the aurora borealis when you light it up with this little gizmo. Treadmills, bannisters, cooking appliances, rest room counters. Even check for creepy crawly things in beds. I guarantee you will use this thing a lot – and find yourself wanting to wash your hands more.

Or use this – No-Germs hand sanitizer – a dozen sprayers are $30 and each one lasts twice as long as those little square bottles because of a high tech recipe. What’s even most significant is that these are alcohol-free so their effect doesn’t fade. Those square bottles sanitize when you first apply them and keep working for another 12 seconds. No-Germs keeps working for two to four hours. Great to keep on the RV after dumping the tanks.

Then there’s PhoneSoap – $65 on Amazon – a charger case with a hard-ultraviolet UV sanitizing light inside. You can plug it into a USB port inside to charge your phone, too. The sanitizing cycle runs just five minutes then shuts itself off; keep charging as long as you want. The company sites studies showing a mobile phone can have more germs than a toilet handle – not exactly what you want to rub against your face. You can also sanitize your earbuds or anything. By the way, this doesn’t fit the iPhone 6 Plus or the big Samsungs.

2 Responses to “Quick Guide: Help! I’m Surrounded by Gross Stuff!”

November 24, 2014at1:00 am, Ronald Iannazzo said:

Don’t know what the 2nd ingredients is but alcohol takes 24hours to kill germs. To kill germs fast bleach or ammonia & ammonia also stops itching from insects bites!

November 23, 2014at9:38 am, Cathy Fickas Rawlins said:

Great ideas for Christmas presents!

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