Yan’s Roadtrek Get-Together – Day 1

 Yan’s Roadtrek Get-Together – Day 1

Yan's Roadtrek Get-Together - Day 1 1We packed up Friday morning and headed inland to Silver Falls State Park for the weekend Roadtrek Get-Together organized (and I'm using the term loosely) by Yan Seiner, our spiritual leader and T-shirt designer. Over the coastal mountains and down into the Willamette Valley we drove, away from the coolness of the coast and up the other side of the valley slightly into the Cascade foothills. We're at around 1700 feet, and it dipped back down into the 70s as we neared the park and gained a bit of altitude.

siteaThis is an AMAZING number of Roadtreks – each group site holds 25 and we are full, way more than the 18 or so rigs we had last year. Lots of new people to meet – I said hello to many of the folks from last year – Esther, Lana, Linda, Gretchen, Vince and Sara, Nelda Lee and Jerry, plus I got to finally meet many of my Facebook buddies in person like Susan Adame, Christine Oberhoffer, and Laura Robinson, my fellow Roadtreking Reporter blogger. Ruka the wonder dog is here too – I said hello but Fiona the Fearless Kitty is being haughty and won't socialize with the dogs, of which there are many.

A bunch of people I have bumped into on the coast this summer are here too – Ginny and Bob and Jacqueline and Kris are all here. And many people from the Yahoo group are here as well.  It's a convocation of all sorts of Roadtrek people, coming from all directions to this one place for the weekend.

siteb2This afternoon was the time to arrive, pick a spot, and settle in, and then walk around the circles and look at each others' rigs, greet friends and make new ones, and soak in the atmosphere.  There's a picnic table in the center of the clearing, and people are congregating there to chat and socialize.

spruceEach group site is a clearing  in this first-growth spruce forest – the trees are very old and 150 feet tall. It's cool and shady back in the forest, with green moss all over every surface. Yan picked a beautiful location.

So far the discussion topics have been how to get a decent amount of solar panels on a 170, and strange OBD codes emanating from the Chevys. I guess some brave soul will have to get up there on the 170 roof and measure things.

People keep looking at me ;-).  I seem to be well-known – many of the attendees know who I am from reading these blog posts, the Yahoo group over the years, and Facebook.  Oh well, I was always telling my parents that someday I'd amount to something.

There are no plug-ins here, so we're all operating by firelight and battery power, and it's really nice to hear talk and laughter drifting across the clearing as it gets dark and people gather and share stories. I'll post more tomorrow as we continue our fun weekend.




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  • I’m so sad I’m missing the fun, and meeting everyone. 🙁

    • sorry you couldn’t make it Judi – hope you’re feeling better.

  • Thanks for keeping everyone abreast of the RTgroup at Silver Falls State Park.

  • How great is this?!! I almost made it but life got in the way. ;-( Thanks for sharing! BTW: I know your mom and dad are very proud of the man you are.

    • cheryl, it’s a shame you couldn’t make it – you are long-time Facebook buddies with many of us, and i for one would have loved to have met you in person. we will chew on Yan to have another one next year, and see what we can do.

  • My kind of people.

  • We were in Good Sam RV Club along time. But it is usually for the big land shark motor homes. I like the idea of the smaller RVs.

  • Would love to b in a group like this love this kind of life and ppl.

  • awesome

  • And it’s on again this year: http://2014pnwroadtrek.eventbrite.com

    We have 12 spots left out of 50.

  • That’s our RT on the left 🙂 We had a great time last year–sorry we won’t be able to attend this year. Have a good time.

  • This looks like so much fun

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